Superman 390 – everyone loves Lana Lang


Vartox is back again in Superman 390 (Dec. 83), as Bates, Maggin, Swan and Hunt begin a three-part storyline.


The story opens with Clark Kent and Lana Lang having a romantic dinner, as Lana ponders the irony that the same staid qualities about Clark that irritated Lana as a girl are the qualities that attract her now that she is a woman.  Perry White calls on Clark to cover a story, and he rushes off, leaving Lana to fend against a masked intruder who comes bearing a love letter.


We do not see this guy clearly for a couple of issues, but he appears to fit the classic stalker mode.


A confused Vartox also arrives on Earth, uncertain of where he has been.  He seeks out Superman, and also wants to see Lana again.  Superman tries to let him know about his current relationship with her, but chickens out.


The issue climaxes at a journalism awards ceremony with Clark in attendance, the stalker kicked out, and Vartox walking through the wall as the issue ends.  For those unfamiliar with the character – Vartox cannot walk through walls.

The story continues in the next issue.

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