Superman 391 – who did kidnap Lana Lang?


Bates, Maggin, Swan and Hunt continue with the Vartox storyline in Superman 391 (Jan. 84).


Lana Lang wins the big award for journalism, but the night does not go as well as it might when Vartox appears, getting into a fight with Clark Kent and almost exposing his identity.


Vartox displays yet another power he never had before, as he vanishes with Lana.


The stalker also has a Lana Lang of his very own.  It’s made pretty clear that this must be a mannequin.


The strange new powers Vartox displays, as well as his weird change in behaviour, are enough to convince Lana that her kidnapper may look like Vartox, but is someone else.


And she’s right.  He is an alien creature, who assumes the forms of those it defeats. Another alien comes to Earth hunting him, enlisting Superman’s help and explaining the nature of the Vartox imposter.  But oops, the Superman he is talking to is really the alien, who promptly kills him.

The story concludes in the next issue.


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