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Adventures of Superman 506 – the secrets of Superboy’s creation


Superboy and Superman almost fight in Adventures of Superman 506 (Nov. 93), but Kesel, Grummett and Hazelwood avoid the promise of the cover image.


Superboy fights off DNAliens he believes were sent by Cadmus.  Superman shows up to help, but Superboy is resentful Superboy is none too pleased to have Superman around, particularly as the hero talks down to the boy.  Superman discovers that Superboy has been living in Clark Kent’s old apartment.


When the Guardian shows up, with orders to bring Superboy back to Cadmus, Superboy refuses to go.  Superman agrees with the Guardian, and things almost get violent.  But Superman insists that they will just get some answers about how Superboy was cloned, and he will ensure that Cadmus will not be able to keep him.


Dubbliex explains the origin of Superboy. It turns out that Superboy was only a partial clone, that there was no way to duplicate Kryptonian DNA, so it was blended with that of a human – although the identity of his human donor is not revealed.  Superboy’s tactile telekinesis is also explained, and how it functions to allow him to fly.


With Superman having proven as good as his word, Superboy decides to return the favour, and give him the rights to the name, which he and Rex Leach had copyrighted.  Rex is reluctant to do so, but Roxy is the actual CEO, and more inclined to be helpful.

Superboy shortly spins out into his own book, bringing Rex and Roxy with him, as well as the artistic team from this book.


The final page introduces the new Bloodsport, setting up the next issue.


Adventures of Superman 505 – Superman comes home


Adventures of Superman 505 (Oct. 93) serves as an epilogue to the Reign of the Superman, by Kesel, Grummett and Hazelwood.


Superman comes back to Metropolis, and back to Lois.  There is a very cute scene, taking off on the infamous sequence from “Dallas,” in which Bobby comes out of the shower and the entire previous season was revealed to be a dream, after Lois recaps the events of the previous year.

They realize that they face one big problem. How to bring Clark Kent back from the dead.


Superman encounters Maggie Sawyer as he helps her take down a fairly useless thief, Loophole.  Maggie has seen too many Supermen to believe he is who he claims to be, but he refers to her as captain, instead of inspector.  Her promotion had occurred during the period when Superman was “dead,” and seems to back up his claim to be the real thing.


Superboy continues to appear in this book, as Tana Moon informs him that she has quit GBS, and is going to be leaving Metropolis.


Superman helps rescue a person trapped in the rubble left over from the battle with Doomsday, after Krypto scents the person buried alive.  Jimmy makes an offhand comment about the possibility that Clark is alive and trapped as well.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.

Adventures of Superman 504 – Superboy rides the missile


Superboy remains the focus of Adventures of Superman 504 (Sept. 93), even though the Reign of the Supermen story arc drives the plot.


Superman, Superboy and Steel arrive at Engine City to take on the Cyborg Superman and Mongul in this story by Kesel, Grummett and Hazelwood.


Even though Mongul and the Cyborg do not realize that Superman is the man in black, Mongul mocks the Cyborg, suggesting its his ghost. The Cyborg throttles Mongul, reminding him who is in charge.


The bad guys shoot off a giant rocket to destroy Metropolis, and Superboy takes charge of dismantling it, using his not-yet-understood power to shatter the bombs it contains.


When that fails to be enough, he struggles to divert the bomb’s path.  Tara Moon is back on the story for GBS, and is thrilled when Superboy changes the missile’s path, taking it out over the ocean. But then it explodes, and Superboy is nowhere in sight.

While the main plot of Reign of the Supermen continues in Action, this story gets followed up in the Adventures of Superman annual.

Adventures of Superman 503 – Superboy learns the truth about the Cyborg Superman


Reign of the Superman really heats up in the Kesel, Grummet and Hazelwood story in Adventures of Superman 503 (Aug. 93).


The Cyborg Superman is in the ruins of Coast City, killing off the survivors while sending back inaccurate reports, concealing the construction going on there.  He requests Superboy’s help, which does not bode well for the boy.


Tana Moon wants to go with him, to be the reporter on the scene.  Vinnie Edge nixes this, not wanting Tana to be a threat to his control over Superboy.  Tana is forced to stay behind when Superboy heads west.


Meanwhile, someone in the Kryptonian battle suit leaves the Fortress and jumps off the Antarctic ice shelf, beginning a walk along the sea bed.


Superboy meets the Cyborg Superman, and they send a report before heading into the ruins of Coast City.  Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, Ron Troupe and Lois Lane are listening, but only Lois catches his mistake, when the Cyborg makes an off-hand comment about having powers as a teenager, which Superman did not.


It turns out to be a good thing that Tana did not accompany Superboy, as the Cyborg destroys the GBS copter and those within it, before turning on the boy.


Superboy tries to fight back, and blows up part of the Cyborg’s arm, though neither of them understand how he did this.


Mongul, overseeing the construction, watches the scene with mild interest.  He may be working for the Cyborg Superman, but has plans beyond being a minion.


And Superboy?  Well, he does not fare too well in the fight.

The story continues in the next issue of Action

Adventures of Superman 502 – Superboy meets Supergirl


Kesel, Grummet and Hazelwood continue with the Superboy saga in Adventures of Superman 502 (July 1993), as he has his first team-up, with Supergirl.


The two meet as they work together to save a car that has gone off a bridge.  Some wonderful art on the sequence, as Superboy shows himself to be a typical teen.


Rex Leach makes his debut, contacting a villain named Stinger.  Leach is actually a go-between, working for Vinnie Edge to set up Stinger to be taken down by Superboy on GBS.


Bibbo has a small part, trying to get a Krypton name tag for the dog, but winding up with Krypto instead.


Lex Luthor Jr has his sights on Superboy, and with Supergirl’s help gets the boy to agree to a contract that will have him working for Lexcorp.


But Vinnie Edge is playing the same game, using Rex’s daughter Roxy as the bait.  They get the contract signed first, giving GBS exclusive rights to Superboy.  Tana Moon is not impressed at the manipulations, but Edge calls her on this, as she did much the same thing in the previous issue.


The battle with Stinger turns out to be far more deadly than anticipated, resulting in a bridge explosion.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.


Adventures of Superman 501 – the adventures of Superboy


Kesel, Grummett and Hazelwood have a lot of fun with the new version of Superboy in Adventures of Superman 501 (Late June 1993).


The costume, the haircut and the attitude are all brash, but charming, and I really liked this character from page one.


The issue also sees the introduction of a puppy, rescued by Bibbo, who will become the first post-Crisis version of Krypto.


Superboy pays a visit to Lois Lane at the Daily Planet, insisting that he is the clone of Superman, and his true successor.  Overwhelmed by Superman claimants, Lois pays little attention, until she notices the striking resemblance between them.


Superboy meets Tana Moon, a reporter with lower standards of proof, and eager to sign a contract with GBS.  Together, Superboy and Tana Moon take to the airwaves.  Lex Luthor Jr is furious.  He had believed that Cadmus was not able to clone Superman, and calls in Packard, his plant there.


Lois Lane calls Ma Kent, wondering if Superboy is anything like Clark was at that age.  Ma Kent insists that no son of hers would ever act like Superboy does – but of course, she didn’t raise Superboy.


Vinnie Edge just has his sights on the ratings, and has Tana Moon cover Superboy as he goes to bust up an old Mr. Miracle villain, Steel Hand.


Superboy does take the bad guy down, but finds out later that the Guardian was watching over him, and saved him from a poison gas attack.  But the Guardian is impressed with Superboy, and decides not to drag him back to Cadmus.

Adventures of Superman 500 – back from the dead


After a break of a few months, Adventures of Superman returns with issue 500 (Early June 1993), the bulk of which is by Ordway, Grummett and Hazelwood.


Although the issue had a pretty good 3D cover, I always think of it as pictured above, in the white plastic bag it came in.


The final issue of Funeral for a Friend saw Jonathan Kent die of a heart attack, and this story sees him find his son in the afterlife.


The comic intercuts a lot of scenes with the supporting cast, as Pa Kent fights to bring his son back from the dead.  We see Gangbuster fighting drug dealers and fleeing from the police.


Cat Grant is upset about Jose’s activities, which have driven them apart.  Vinnie Edge sees this as an opportunity to make the move on Cat.


There is also an entertaining sequence with the Prankster killing his cell mate, although this does not tie in to the larger storyline in any way.


Pa Kent gets separated from Clark, and winds up being tempted by Blaze, although he has no interest in her deal.


Kismet also encounters Pa Kent, and leads him to where he can find Superman.


Superman is being carted into a weird afterlife by demons who appear to be Kryptonians.  Pa Kent helps him see through the illusions, and together they enter a tunnel that will bring them back to the real world.


We see Pa Kent revive, to the delight of Lois Lane and Ma Kent, and he announces that Clark is alive as well.


Lois Lane convinces Inspector Henderson to open the tomb, and the find the body gone.


This is followed by four very brief stories, each one introducing a possible resurrected Superman.  Louise Simonson, Jon Bogdanove and Dennis Janke introduce the villainous White Rabbit just before John Henry Irons pulls himself out of the wreckage left by Doomsday.


Roger Stern, Jackson Guice and Denis Rodier show us the vicious Last Son of Krypton, who is pretty obviously the Eradicator.


Karl Kesel, Grummet and Hazelwood take us to Cadmus, where the Newsboy Legion have helped Superboy escape, despite the Guardian’s efforts.


And Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding go the high tech route with the Cyborg Superman.

Each of these four continue to appear in one of the four ongoing Superman titles, which all return later in the month.