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Batman 293 – Lex Luthor’s testimony


Lex Luthor makes his first appearance in this book in Batman 293 (Nov. 77), the third installment of “Where Were You on the Night Batman was Killed?”, by Reed, Calnan and Blaisdel.


Lois Lane has a cameo as well, and Luthor wears the most garish outfit he ever has, as he explains to Two-Face and the court how Batman was merely a sidelight in his plot to kill Superman.


Using a satellite and a gang to lure Batman into the right location, Lex Luthor claims to have switched the minds of Superman and Batman, leaving Superman in a powerless and vulnerable body.


Then, using his amped up gloves, Luthor beats Batman to death, in order to kill Superman.


Unlike the previous two stories, we learn, from Superman, that all this did occur just as Luthor explained.  At least, so far as Luthor knew.  Batman had infiltrated Luthor’s gang early on, and learned the entire plan. He kept his eyes insulated from the satellite’s effects, so the heroes brains were never switched, and Batman only pretended to let Luthor kill him, with his suit also reinforced against the power gloves.  Superman gives the rest of the villains present immunity (which is a darn good hint that something much bigger is really going on in this story arc), but takes Luthor away.

The storyline concludes in the next issue.


Superman 700 – coming home, doing Robin’s work, and deciding to walk


Superman 700 (Aug. 10) is a double sized anniversary issue, which contains an epilogue of sorts to the New Krypton storyline, a prologue to the next storyline, Grounded, and a story from Superman’s early days that teams him up with Robin.


The issue opens with a story by Robinson and Chang, which sees Superman return to Earth, just in time to save Lois Lane from the Parasite.  He is working as muscle for the Prankster, but the villains are not really important in this story.  In fact, we do not even see Superman capture the Prankster.


Instead, the story deals with Lois and Clark renewing their relationship.  They discuss losing Chris, and Lois’ feelings about her father.  It makes a warm ending to the long and powerful storyline, and I love the final page, of Superman and Lois embracing in the Metropolis sky.


Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund jump back in time for the second story in the issue.


Dick Grayson is still in high school in this story, and Bruce Wayne refuses to let him go out as Robin until he finishes his geometry homework.  But despite Alfred’s efforts, Dick sneaks out anyway, and winds up going after some gun runners.


Superman winds up coming to Robin’s assistance, and Commissioner Gordon is always happy to deal with the polite Superman.  As Robin has been out much later than expected, and is exhausted, Superman quickly finishes his geometry homework for him.  Dick believes that he has successfully conned Bruce into thinking he did it himself.


But of course, no one puts something over on Batman.  It’s a cute story.  Made me smile.


The final story in the issue, by J. Michael Straczynski, Eddy Barrows and JP Mayer, launches the Grounded storyline.


Superman is answering questions with a crowd of normal people, one of whom is a woman who blames Superman for not using his powers to cure her husband’s brain tumour.  Superman takes this to heart.  Although he really shouldn’t. Superman is hardly responsible for every person’s ailment on the planet.


He visits Batman in the Justice League satellite, and sees how things are viewed from way above.


And then he talks to the Flash, who tells him that things are a blur at super-speed.


And so, Superman comes to Earth and decides to walk across the US.

This just rubbed me the wrong way, and I didn’t collect any of the Grounded storyline.  But now I am going to read it, and write about at least part of it, as it is the final story arc before the book gets cancelled because of Flashpoint.

Superman 696 – after the explosion


Robinson and Chang dig into the wreckage following the explosion of the Science Police headquarters at the end of the previous issue of Action, in Superman 696 (March 2010).


Nightwing digs Lois Lane, his “mother,” out of the rubble.  The Guardian is now convinced of the innocence of Nightwing and Flamebird, and runs interference for them with General Lane.


Mon-El and the Guardian stop all of Lane’s troops, allowing the two wanted Kryptonians to escape.  Mon confronts Lane, but does not attack him.  He simply lets the general know that he has learned all of his manipulations, and despite the public’s love of Lane, intends to see that the truth gets out.


Another Legionnnaire gets revealed, as Control is found in the wreckage, unconscious.  She has partly transformed back into Chameleon Boy.

The story continues in the next issue.

Superman 685 – Superman ends, Mon-El begins


Superman bids farewell to his wife, his mother and Earth in the lead story from Superman 685 (April 2009), by Robinson and Javier Pina.  But he does not bid farewell to his dead father, despite the cover image.


Picking up from the end of the last issue of Action, Superman has removed Mon-El from the dissolving Phantom Zone, but once back on Earth, his lead poisoning takes effect, killing him.  Superman tries to contact the Legion of Super-Heroes, but gets no response.  On the other hand, a mysterious “drink me” bottle does show up from them.  It does cure Mon-El, but Superman is still puzzled as to why he was no contacted directly.


The Guardian dreams about the vision he had, in the Adventure Comics issue a couple of months ago, of an imprisoned Tellus.  The story here implies that he has decided to go and find and free Tellus immediately, although that is not what happens.


Alura has invited Superman to come live on New Krypton, but demands that he sever all contacts with Earth.  Superman decides that he needs to accept Alura’s offer, to keep an eye on Zod.  He talks with his mother, and with Lois Lane, letting them know how much he cares for them, even though he is going to stop seeing or contacting them while he goes to live on New Krypton.

This ends Superman’s run in his own book, as he moves over to the World of New Krypton miniseries.


Mon-El begins his run in this book with a back-up story by Robinson and Pablo Raimondi.  His origin is briefly recapped, part of the “Origins and Omens” stories this month.


Much more of the story is devoted to setting up Mon-El for his forthcoming run.  He visits Ma Kent, who has also taken in Krypto.  He needs an identity for living on Earth, and Ma suggests he adopt the name Jonathan Kent.


He does this, as he moves to Metropolis to protect the city while Superman is on New Krypton.

Superman 681 – Krypton on Earth


Robinson, Guedes and Magalhaes continue with the New Krypton story, following the Brainiac story arc from Action Comics, in Superman 681 (Dec. 08).


Supergirl is thrilled to find her parents, Zor-El and Alura, and her best friend, Thara, are still alive and now on Earth after Kandor is freed from Brainiac.  The Kandorians fly off to explore their new world.


But not everyone is as happy about this as Supergirl.  Superman gets confronted by members of the Justice League and Justice Society, who worry about the huge number of super-powered Kryptonians now on Earth.


Lois Lane learns that Agent Liberty has gone back to work for the government.  A meeting is arranged between the Kandorians and the president of the US, and Agent Liberty is going to be acting as security.


But it’s not the Kandorians that cause the problem, as Doomsday suddenly appears at the event.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.

Superman 679 – Atlas whups Superman


The battle between Superman and Atlas just keeps going in the Robinson, Guedes and Magalhaes story from Superman 679 (Oct. 08).


Both Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen head out to watch and cover the battle between Superman and Atlas.


Lana Lang attempts to send Lexcorp troops out to help Superman, but in doing so activates a holographic program left by Lex Luthor.  She has violated her contract.  No Lexcorp properties must ever be used to help Superman, and Lana loses her post as CEO.


Jimmy Olsen spots a mystery man watching the fight from above, but the man disappears.


Supergirl arrives to help Superman, but gets injured by a ray that blasts down from a satellite.  Superman sends her away for her own safety, which leaves him crushed by Atlas.


The story ends as Krypto shows up.  To save the day?

The story continues in the next issue.

Superman 674 – the unbelievable new apartment


Busiek ends his run with a two part story that brings back heroes and villains not seen for years in Superman 674 (May 2008), with art by Guedes and Magalhaes.


The issue also introduces Lois and Clark’s outrageous new apartment.  Openly built by Superman as a “gift” for his reporter friends, the place is amazing.  But so not Superman.  Too ostentatious, and it would quietly forgotten.


The best element to it was the direct route to the Fortress, which he shows off to Lois and Chris.


Mon-El, recently re-introduced into the Superman books in an Action Comics annual, chats with Superman through the Phantom Zone viewer.  He relates how he found an ancient spaceship, and left Daxam, against the orders of the very repressive council that rule the planet.


Then Superman gets confronted by Paragon, a one-time Justice League enemy from the early 80s, whose battle is seen in flashback.  Paragon can copy and amp up the powers of anyone he faces, and he is out for vengeance against Superman.


But before he can get to it, the elders of Daxam also show up, demanding that Superman turn over the fugitive Mon-El.

The story concludes in the next issue.