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Adventures of Superman 550 – Jimmy Olsen’s big broadcast, and the Guardian on the hunt


The cover of Adventures of Superman 550 (Sept. 97) is split in three, but the oversized issue itself is divided into two stories.


Kesel, Immonen and Marzan focus on Jimmy Olsen in the first story.  Cat Grant has allowed a huge promotion for Jimmy’s Superman special.  He has three guests scheduled: Collin Thornton, Clark Kent and Johnny Dakota, and intends to expose the one he has figured out is Superman.


But no one knows exactly what Jimmy has planned.  Perry White rages at Simone DeNeige for promoting Jimmy’s show on the front page of the Planet, instead of covering Lex Luthor’s trial.  But the issue does much the same thing, with very little time spent on Luthor.


Once Jimmy has Lois and Clark onstage, and the cameras are rolling, Jimmy announces his intention to reveal Superman’s secret identity.  Lois Lane is instantly enraged and storms off the set, but Clark stays around, and talks with Jimmy about the importance of Superman, the sacrifices he makes, and that his secrets are needed and deserve to be kept.


Abashed, Jimmy sacrifices his career and turns the show into a farce, saying that Superman has no secret identity, and he lives in a cave in the arctic, with a giant golden door key.  Cat has no choice but to fire him, and Jimmy agrees it has to be done.

The kicker comes as we discover that Jimmy Olsen believes Collin Thornton is Superman.


Kesel is joined by Grummett and Rodier for the Guardian solo story, as he hunts down Boss Moxie.


Moxie was prepared for him, and has a Dabney Donovan designed treat, the mob, which take down the Guardian.


Dabney plans to clone the Guardian, and has Anomaly there as muscle.  But the Guardian breaks free, and insists to Floyd Barstow that Cadmus can still help him, and he can still not follow the criminal path of the original Floyd.


The Guardian defeats Anomaly and heads back to Cadmus with him.  Boss Moxie and the other Intergang members watch Jimmy Olsen’s show, and decide that Jimmy lied on tv, and that he really does know who Superman is.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.



Adventures of Superman 549 – the Newsboy Legion vs the Dingbats of Danger Street


Some rarely seen characters appear in the Kesel, Immonen and Marzan story in Adventures of Superman 549 (Aug. 97).


Superman winds up in the middle of a turf war over an abandoned theatre.  The Newsboy Legion have claimed the building, and are fighting off the Dingbats of Danger Street.  These Kirby creations appeared only once, in 1st Issue Special 6 in 1975, and not again until this story.


Sadly, they only appear at the beginning and end of the tale.  Other matters occupy the rest.  There is some really nice art as Lori Lemaris bids farewell, heading to South America and out of the series for good.


Superman has some difficulty using his new powers to help evacuate people in a fire,and he has to change back and forth to Clark and Superman.  Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane are on the scene, as is Collin Thornton.


Hamilton has finished his tests on Superman, and has no good news.  His DNA has been re-written, partly due to the dimensional interface with Kandor, and partly because of the onset of the Genesis wave.


The war between the Dingbats and the Newsboys gets resolved by the Green Team, another 1st Issue Special alumnus, though they did make an appearance since, in Ambush Bug in the 80s.  The Green Team got a recent, brief revival, but the Dingbats went back into obscurity.


The issue closes on Cat Grant and Jimmy Olsen.  Jimmy’s credibility took some blows with his false accusations against Lori Lemaris.  He wants to prove himself again, and believes that he has figured out who Superman is.

Adventures of Superman 535 – a present of Alpha Centurion


Lex Luthor and Contessa Erica del Portenza get engaged to open Adventures of Superman 535 (June 1996), by Kesel, Immonen and Marzan.


Erica has recruited the Alpha Centurion to lead her restructured Lexcorp “troops.”  The Centurion is now very popular with the public, improving the image of the company, this is her “gift” to Luthor.  Although he appears thankful, he spends the rest of the story setting up and executing a plan to mar the Centurion’s image.


Dana Dearden accompanies Jimmy to a banquet that is meant to be in Superman’s honour, although the hero does not show.  Dana is very unhappy that the Centurion takes Superman’s place.  And Jimmy is uncomfortable when Ron Troupe arrives with Lucy Lane as his date.


As the Centurion tries to deal with troops who go on the attack (because Luthor controls their armor), we also follow Superman with the Kents, rebuilding their house and getting their perspective on his current relationship problems with Lois.  Lois, for her part, has a similar discussion with Lori Lemaris.


The story ends with a stressed Cat Grant insisting that every news broadcast end with a story about Morgan Edge escaping prison, while Dana breaks up with Jimmy and quits her job.


Adventures of Superman 532 – the return of Lori Lemaris


Lori Lemaris, Clark Kent’s college sweetheart, makes her big return in the Kesel, Immonen and Marzan story in Adventures of Superman 532 (Feb. 96).


The police fish Lori out of the sea, naked, and bring her to the station.  She has them call Clark, who shows up immediately.  He had believed Lori had died. Now not only is she back, but she has legs.  It’s the Splash situation, legs when dry, tail when wet.  He brings her home, to the displeasure of Lois Lane.


She fills in the blanks.  Ronal had used a legendary magic staff to cure her, but she let Superman believe she was dead, to make things easier for her.  The staff had a terrible effect on Ronal, giving him great powers but at the cost of his mind.  He had become a danger, trying to kill Lori, who came to Metropolis for help.


Ronal shows up, and Superman destroys the staff, which turns him into a statue.


There are some romantic subplots.  A jealous Lois meets up with the Alpha Centurion.  As Clark gives a rundown on the events with Ronal to Cat Grant and Jimmy Olsen, he also meets Jimmy’s new girlfriend, Dana Dearden.

Adventures of Superman 529 – Superman in prison

Kesel, Immonen and Marzan dive into the Trial of Superman with Adventures of Superman 529 (Nov. 95).


Dana Dearden makes her debut in this story, as she and Cat Grant watch Jimmy Olsen as a newscaster.  Jimmy has shown himself quite capable, and a feather in Grant’s hat, to the displeasure of Vinnie Edge.


Superman has been captured by the Tribunal.  These are alien judges, who impose their extreme “morality” on other races, ignoring the native cultures and their values.  They are holding Superman guilty for the cold and remote nature of Kryptonians, and the destruction of the planet. There is some interesting potential in the concept, but it’s not played out well.  Superman busts free, with some of the other prisoners.


Alpha Centurion puts together a crew to rescue Superman, using his ship to find him.  Superboy, Supergirl and Steel all join, although they do not fully trust the Centurion – particularly Superboy.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.

Adventures of Superman 528 – the quiet hunter


There aren’t many words in Adventures of Superman 528 (Oct. 95), but Kesel, Immonen and Marzan tell a decent story.


There are a few cameos in the tale, Jimmy Olsen does a broadcast for GBS about the Superman/Green Lantern team-up in the pages of Superman, and Alpha Centurion and Cat Grant also appear.  But the bulk of the tale follows an alien as he tracks down Superman.  As it turns out, all he really had to do was scare Lois, and then Superman is on the scene.


Superman defeats the creature and sends him packing, but does get the impression that the alien was a bounty hunter.  But who put a bounty on Superman?

Essentially, this tale is a prologue to the Trial of Superman story arc.

Adventures of Superman 527 – Alpha Centurion debuts, again


With much the same backstory, but a better costume, the Alpha Centurion of this universe debuts in Adventures of Superman 527 (Sept. 95), in a story by Kesel, Immonen and Marzan.


The issue opens on Apokolips, as the Cyborg Superman, in his new body, departs at the demand of Darkseid.


Cat Grant goes to Perry White to express her doubts about her new position as head of the GBS news department.  Perry agrees that Vinnie Edge is setting her up to fail, and doesn’t want to see that happen.  He agrees to help her get her footing.


As Superman is chatting with Contessa Erica del Portenza, a space ship arrives in Metropolis, and the Alpha Centurion debarks.  Lois Lane is quick to get on the scene, and wants to learn about this new hero, but Superman keeps butting in.  In the reality he visited in Zero Hour, the Centurion and Lois were a couple, and he is instantly, and groundlessly, jealous.


This makes it hard for the two men to work together, and by the end of the story the Centurion is a reluctant ally of Superman at best.


The Joker appears on the last page of the story, setting up his appearance in the next issue of Action.