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Superman 714 – Superman, and the series, end


As Flashpoint looms on the horizon, Superman comes to an end with issue 714 (Aug. 11), by Straczynski, Roberson, Jamal Igle, Jonathan Sibal and Robin Riggs.


Grounded comes to an end, as Superman finally meets the angry woman trailing him and causing his problems.  He defeats her, but more with words than actions.


There are come nice cameos as Superman hands out a variety of signal devices to friends and allies, creating a network that will never appear again anyway.  But we do see Super-Chief, Steel, Live Wire, Iron Munro and Superboy.

Although the Superman book ends at this point, it returns, starting again from issue 1 after Flashpoint.


Superman 699 – Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes battle Brainiac


Robinson and Chang bring the Last Stand on New Krypton towards its conclusion in Superman 699 (June 2010).


Battles take place left right and centre in this issue.  The Legion of Super-Heroes who are in the present: Element Lad, Sensor Girl, Matter-Eater Lad, Star Boy, Tellus, Quislet and Chameleon Boy are fighting Brainiac’s drones and the various alien races from the previous issue.  They are aiming to free Mon-El, although once again the hero frees himself.


They manage to retrieve Kandor, which Brainiac has shrunk and bottled once again, this time with Superboy trapped inside.  Brainiac 5 and Supergirl take the city to expand it again.


Brainiac is too busy to stop them, being all caught up in a fight with Zod.


Luthor, never one to miss an opportunity for destruction, chooses a bottled city at random and enlarges it while it is still on Brainiac’s ship.


As the issue ends, the enlarging city rips through the hull of the ship, which is located directly above the restored Kandor.

The story concludes in the final issue of Last Stand of New Krypton.

Superman 697 – getting ready for the final battle


The various plot threads from Action, Superman, Supergirl and World of New Krypton are all tying together into a big climax, but Robinson, Chang and Pina take a bit of a break in Superman 697 (April 2010).


Things start hot and heavy, as General Lane orders his troops to attack Chameleon Boy.  Although Mon-El and the Guardian are there, the day gets saved by Quislet, who reveals himself to have been in “disguise” as a hover-cam.


The various Legionnaires come together, but Chameleon Boy, Quislet, Sensor Girl, Tellus, Matter-Eater Lad and recent Justice Society member Star Boy abandon Mon-El.  I’m not sure why.  Even though I’ve read this a few times.


A time lapse follows, as Steel and Mon-El protect Metropolis.  We see Clawster, Ultraa and a Composite Superman, all rarely appearing villains.


We also learn that when Mon-El was in Smallville, he enlisted Superboy’s aid in repairing his old rocket ship.

The Legionnaires return en masse on the final page, which leads into the next issue of Adventure Comics.

Superman 694 – on the farm, and in Metropolis


Mon-El gets a new costume, complete with an “S” crest in Superman 694 (Jan. 10), by Robinson and Pina.  The story intercuts action in Metropolis, with time Mon-El spent recuperating in Smallville with Ma Kent and Superboy.


The action picks up from the end of the previous issue, with the Guardian and the Science Police battling with Bizarro. Mon-El shows up, to their surprise, and joins the fray.


When a child gets trapped in a burning car during the fight, we discover that another Legionnaire has been a part of this run.  Mitch goes into action, eating the car to free the child – it’s Matter-Eater Lad!


The Smallville scenes are quite good as well.  They give a greater depth to Mon-El, as he plays with Krypto and converses with both Ma Kent and Superboy about what it means to take Superman’s place.  Ma makes him his new, Superman-like, costume.


The battle with Bizarro reaches no conclusion in this issue.  Far from it, the situation gets even worse when the Parasite joins the fight.

The story continues in the next issue.

Adventures of Superman 624 – a different brand of the same product


Adventures of Superman 624 (March 2004) takes place after Superman’s disappearance at the end of Superman 200, as Abnett and Lanning, Karl Kerschl, Renato Guedes and Oclair Albert chart Majestic’s time in Metropolis.


Majestic saves Lois Lane, and does all that Superman would usually do in a story.


The B13 tech has gone crazy, causing problems all through Metropolis, a storm that threatens to destroy the city.  The Eradicator, who is not affected, because of his Kryptonian tech, works with John Henry Irons, his niece Natasha, who has taken the mantle of Steel, and Sueprboy to find a solution to the crisis.


Majestic takes down the Masters of Disaster, and is surprised at the way everyone acts if he is already known.  A number of people simply assume he is Superman with a new look.


Talking with Lois Lane, he relates his origin, which is totally parallel to Superman’s.  Seeing pictures of Superman, he realizes why everyone acts as if he is familiar.  He compares him and Superman to Coke and Pepsi.


Not certain if his dimension hop to this world is tied to the B13 tech, he tries to join the other heroes, but the Eradicator shoots him into the Phantom Zone, fearing that he could be more harm than good, no matter what his intentions.  But their attempt to calm down the B13tech fails dismally, and Majestic escapes from the shattering Zone.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.

Adventures of Superman 608 – oodles of old villains


Overall I don’t care for the Ending Battle storyline, but I have to admit that the second chapter, which is in Adventures of Superman 608 (Nov. 02), is really very enjoyable.  Casey and Aucoin bring a whole host of old villains back, sending Superman hither and yon as he rushes to save the lives of many of his friends and acquaintances.


The big names are at the beginning and end of the issue.  The Atomic Skull blows up the Kents house, injuring Superboy as well, as he is living with them at this point. But Kon-El, as well as Ma and Pa Kent are all ok, if the worse for wear.


Quakemaster made a cameo in a Justice League America story about a decade earlier, but Casey did his background work, mentioning the fact that he was an architect before becoming a villain, a fact only related in his first appearance, in an issue of DC Special in the 70s.


The Hellgrammite is not so obscure, having appeared a few times in the Superman series in past years, but the Bug-Eyed Bandit was never a major player since the cancellation of the Atom’s series in the 60s.


Firefist is another bad guy who hasn’t been seen in years, one of the Blue Beetle’s enemies.


The Rat-Catcher shows up in Batman books from time to time, and is very creepy, even facing Superman.


And Hi-Tek is another Superman villain who never lived up to her potential.  King Shark goes after Jimmy Olsen as the chapter concludes.

Ending Battle continues in the next issue of Superman – The Man of Steel.



Adventures of Superman 580 – battling inside Superman


Adventures of Superman 580 (July 2000) contains the second chapter of Critical Condition, in which Superboy, Supergirl and Steel enter Superman’s body to find and remove the kryptonite that is killing him, under the control of Emil Hamilton and the Atom.  DeMatteis, Carlo Barberi and Juan Vlasco are the creative team.


The craft the heroes entered Superman’s body is gets destroyed, and Supergirl gets separated from Superboy and Steel.  But all three continue with their task.


There is also a subplot with Deathstroke hunting down Encantadora.  He does catch up with her in this issue, but she manages to escape him.

Towards the end of the issue, Steel enters the chamber where Sueprman is being kept, to the surprise of Hamilton and the Atom, who wonder who it is inside Superman’s body in the entropy armor.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.