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Superman 711 – Live Wire in Las Vegas


Straczynski, Roberson, Barrows and Mayer send Superman walking to Las Vegas in Superman 711 (July 2011).


Live Wire is on a destructive spree there.  Superman tries to remind her about when she worked on the side of the angels against the Auctioneer.  This is an odd argument, as he had to coax her and play on her ego to get her help in that situation, it was hardly a case of her acting benevolently on her own.


Superman rushes back to his Fortress and picks up his old electric suit, and stuffs Live Wire into it.  He has theorized that her powers affect her mind, and that the suit will help her control both.  And it works.


Jimmy Olsen has a small role in this one, as does Iron Munro, who had not appeared in a few years, since the cancellation of Manhunter.



Superman 695 – Mon-El triumphant


Mon-El battles against the Parasite and Bizarro in Superman 695 (Feb. 10), by Robinson and Bernard Chang.

sup_695_001Mon-El’s battle with the Parasite and Bizarro is made more difficult by the fact that his powers keep turning on and off.  But this turns out to be a plus where the Parasite is concerned.  When the Parasite draws off of Mon-El’s powers he also draws on his lead poisoning, and the pain makes him easy to subdue.  Bizarro fights until he no longer feels like fighting. He leaves for Bizarro World.  This is the final appearance of the pre-Flashpoint Bizarro.


Mon-El meets with Perry White, and learns (as do we) that Jimmy Olsen is still alive.  Natasha Irons is also there, and fills Mon-El in on the Captain Atom storyline taking place in the back pages of Action Comics.  Together, they add up the various things they know of Sam Lane’s plans.  But the public remain in the dark, as Morgan Edge interviews Lane, who spreads a great story about Mon-El getting mind controlled by the Kryptonians, and the government releasing the story that he was dead to give them time to de-program him.


Mon-El and Billi Harper take their relationship to a new level.  You gotta be happy for Mon-El, as things are, otherwise, not going to well for him.


The story ends with a lead-in to the next issue of Action, as Mon-El and the Guardian discover Nightwing and Flamebird busting out of the Science Police headquarters.

Superman 687 – lots of people spying on each other


Robinson, Guedes and Magalhaes continue with the adventures of Mon-El and the Guardian in Superman 687 (June 2009).


Mon-El takes down Shrapnel as the story begins.  The Guardian is there, and notes that Mon-El still lacks the grace and precision of Superman, but is getting the job done.


Black Lightning has also come to town, and takes out the Untouchables.  We see that the Prankster now has robotic rats keeping an eye on things in the city for him.


Jimmy Olsen meets with Zachary Zatara, showing him the footage he has of the mysterious floating man, and the beams coming from the sky during the fight between Atlas and Krypto.  The Parasite is in the wings, watching and listening.  Zatara has little information to give Jimmy, but does insist that nothing magical was going on.


Atlas has made friends with John Henry Irons, and gets a tour of the Steelworks, as well as the complex sewer system under Metropolis.


The Guardian puts together a special unit of the Science Police, which includes both Jonathan Kent and Billi Harper.  While Sanderson is not hugely important, both Wilcox and Romundi will be significant, and are not who they seem to be.


As the issue ends, Mon-El brings down Plastique, but winds up plummeting into the harbour as his powers fade.

The story continues in the next issue.

Superman 680 – good dog


It’s Krypto who brings the battle with Atlas to an end in Superman 680 (Nov.08), by Robinson, Guedes and Magalhaes.


Krypto goes right for the throat when he sees his master prone before Atlas.  Superman takes advantage of Krypto’s intervention to seek out some help.


Jimmy sees the mystery man hovering over the scene again.  The satellite shoots a variety of beams at Krypto, but none stop the dog from its attack on Atlas.


Superman intends to go see Zatanna, but instead meets Zachary Zatara, her nephew, recently introduced in 52 and the Teen Titans.  Zatara has a lot of attitude, but is less help than Superman needs.  He does have a spell to boost Superman’s powers, but it will last only a second or two.


Still, that’s all Superman needs, and he zooms back and pummels Atlas, driving him down into the ground.


In a curiously aggressive conclusion, Superman announces to all those gathered that Krypto is the hero of the day.


Superman 679 – Atlas whups Superman


The battle between Superman and Atlas just keeps going in the Robinson, Guedes and Magalhaes story from Superman 679 (Oct. 08).


Both Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen head out to watch and cover the battle between Superman and Atlas.


Lana Lang attempts to send Lexcorp troops out to help Superman, but in doing so activates a holographic program left by Lex Luthor.  She has violated her contract.  No Lexcorp properties must ever be used to help Superman, and Lana loses her post as CEO.


Jimmy Olsen spots a mystery man watching the fight from above, but the man disappears.


Supergirl arrives to help Superman, but gets injured by a ray that blasts down from a satellite.  Superman sends her away for her own safety, which leaves him crushed by Atlas.


The story ends as Krypto shows up.  To save the day?

The story continues in the next issue.

Superman 665 – Jimmy Olsen’s story


Superman 665 (Sept. 07) is a Countdown crossover of sorts, a special issue devoted to Jimmy Olsen, relating how he came to work at the Planet, and become friends with the Superman cast.


Busiek is joined by Rick Leonardi and Ande Parks as we meet Jimmy as a young boy, selling newspapers on the street.  Perry White is impressed with the boy, who also makes an impression on Lois Lane and new reporter Clark Kent.


After Clark finds out that Jimmy is homeless, and living secretly at the Planet, we get the story about the disappearance of his father, and how his mother went off searching for him.


Some criminals are working with experimental kryptonite based armor, and Jimmy happens to be on the spot when they are threatening Superman.  He risks his life to help the hero, which leads to their long, close friendship.

Not bad for what it is.

Superman 664 – Arion, Squad K and the Prankster all go after Superman


Superman has more than he can deal with in Superman 664 (Aug. 07), by Busiek, Pacheco and Merino.


Arion casts a spell on Superman, and this is seen by Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen.  The news spreads fast, and a new military unit, Squad K, make their debut.  Under the command of Percy Hazzard, this unit is designed to be able to take down a mind-controlled Superman.  Except that he fought off the spell, and is not being mind-controlled, though no one will listen to him.


The Prankster just complicates matters with a giant cream pie, and being coated in it does not help Superman as he tries to insist he is not out of control.  Even the Justice League and Justice Society arrive before he can convince people that nothing is actually wrong.


By this point, Arion has long vanished.  But Superman does manage to track down and catch the Prankster.