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Adventures of Superman 534 – Satanus takes care of it


Superman battles monsters made from drug addicts in the Immonen and Marzan story from Adventures of Superman 534 (May 1996).


The “victims” take the serum in a drug form, unaware that is will completely transform them.  Superman does what he can, but the magical basis for the monsters makes it difficult.


Lois Lane runs into Jimmy Olsen, now a big media success, and acting like it.  Dana clings to Jimmy, but also wants to control his hair style, clothing choices and such.


Satanus kills off the source of the monster drug, one vial of which had made it out of his lair.  Superman proves as useless against Satanus as he always does, and still has no idea that he is Collin Thornton.


Adventures of Superman 533 – Superman and Impulse run around


Superman needs some help in Adventures of Superman 533 (March 1996), and Kesel, Immonen and Marzan provide it.


The Scavenger, most recently seen in Superboy, sends Superman on a hunt around the world for a series of bombs.  Superman calls Jay Garrick for help, but rather than come himself, he sends Impulse.  Superman regrets this almost immediately.  But it does make for a fun, globe-hopping romp.


Back in Metropolis Jimmy and Dana Dearden go to an exhibition, where one of the items on display is a melted grouping of coins with the heads of four gods, rumoured to endow one with super-powers.


It takes Superman an awfully long time to realize that the purpose of the Scavenger’s bombs is simply to keep him out of Metropolis.  When he does get back, the Alpha Centurion is already getting the best of the bad guy, who teleports away when Superman arrives.

The melted coins have also gone missing, but Superman does not think the Scavenger has them.

Adventures of Superman 532 – the return of Lori Lemaris


Lori Lemaris, Clark Kent’s college sweetheart, makes her big return in the Kesel, Immonen and Marzan story in Adventures of Superman 532 (Feb. 96).


The police fish Lori out of the sea, naked, and bring her to the station.  She has them call Clark, who shows up immediately.  He had believed Lori had died. Now not only is she back, but she has legs.  It’s the Splash situation, legs when dry, tail when wet.  He brings her home, to the displeasure of Lois Lane.


She fills in the blanks.  Ronal had used a legendary magic staff to cure her, but she let Superman believe she was dead, to make things easier for her.  The staff had a terrible effect on Ronal, giving him great powers but at the cost of his mind.  He had become a danger, trying to kill Lori, who came to Metropolis for help.


Ronal shows up, and Superman destroys the staff, which turns him into a statue.


There are some romantic subplots.  A jealous Lois meets up with the Alpha Centurion.  As Clark gives a rundown on the events with Ronal to Cat Grant and Jimmy Olsen, he also meets Jimmy’s new girlfriend, Dana Dearden.

Adventures of Superman 531 – the one who can judge Kryptonians


Kesel, Immonen and Marzan bring the Trial of Superman towards a conclusion in Adventures of Superman 531 (Jan. 96).


The Tribunal are being pretty nasty to the Cyborg Superman, but when things go crazy, later in the issue, he manages to get free.


Now that Alpha Centurion has been cleared of being the Cyborg, Superboy can get down to fighting the Tribunal, alongside Superman, Supergirl, and Steel.  They are joined by the Eradicator, who insists that only he truly represents the Kryptonian people, and could judge them.


The Cyborg Superman tries to escape, but gets sucked into a black hole.


The heroes make it home, and this long (and uninvolving) storyline ends.

Adventures of Superman 530 – hunting the Hellgrammite


Kesel, Immonen and Marzan continue with the Trial of Superman in Adventures of Superman 530 (Dec. 95), which is also an Underworld Unleashed crossover.


Alpha Centurion’s rescue squad has also been captured by the Tribunal, and split up.  Having found out that the Cyborg Superman is around, Superboy has become convinced that Alpha Centurion is really the Cyborg, and much of the issue is devoted to the problems the two have with each other.


There is also not a whole lot with Hellgrammite, despite his cover prominence.  The SCU discover his lair, and all the people he has captured and encased in cocoons, transforming them into creatures under his control.


Superman, meanwhile, is lost and hunted on an alien world.

The story continues in the next issue of Superman – the Man of Tomorrow.

Adventures of Superman 529 – Superman in prison

Kesel, Immonen and Marzan dive into the Trial of Superman with Adventures of Superman 529 (Nov. 95).


Dana Dearden makes her debut in this story, as she and Cat Grant watch Jimmy Olsen as a newscaster.  Jimmy has shown himself quite capable, and a feather in Grant’s hat, to the displeasure of Vinnie Edge.


Superman has been captured by the Tribunal.  These are alien judges, who impose their extreme “morality” on other races, ignoring the native cultures and their values.  They are holding Superman guilty for the cold and remote nature of Kryptonians, and the destruction of the planet. There is some interesting potential in the concept, but it’s not played out well.  Superman busts free, with some of the other prisoners.


Alpha Centurion puts together a crew to rescue Superman, using his ship to find him.  Superboy, Supergirl and Steel all join, although they do not fully trust the Centurion – particularly Superboy.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.

Adventures of Superman 528 – the quiet hunter


There aren’t many words in Adventures of Superman 528 (Oct. 95), but Kesel, Immonen and Marzan tell a decent story.


There are a few cameos in the tale, Jimmy Olsen does a broadcast for GBS about the Superman/Green Lantern team-up in the pages of Superman, and Alpha Centurion and Cat Grant also appear.  But the bulk of the tale follows an alien as he tracks down Superman.  As it turns out, all he really had to do was scare Lois, and then Superman is on the scene.


Superman defeats the creature and sends him packing, but does get the impression that the alien was a bounty hunter.  But who put a bounty on Superman?

Essentially, this tale is a prologue to the Trial of Superman story arc.