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Adventures of Superman 574 – Obsession proves her love


Immonen, Millar, Joe Phillips and Rich Faber bring back Obsession in Adventures of Superman 574 (Jan. 00).


The story takes place shortly after Superman was spotted wearing his wedding ring.  Rumours have spread like wildfire that Superman is married.  So Obsession decides to come back, wearing a matching outfit and playing up to the crowds that believe she is Mrs. Superman.


The drug that turns people into monsters is also back, and Superman and Obsession do their best to round the beasties up.  Obsession winds up sacrificing her life to save Superman.  How very Eponine.


The story also has a subplot about Lois Lane trying to convince her pregnant sister Lucy to work up the guts to talk to her parents.  Lucy is not sure if they will be more upset that she is pregnant, or that the father is Ron Troupe, and the baby might be black.

As the story ends, Obsession’s body is taken by the same mysterious man who was handing out the monster drug.


Adventures of Superman 573 – Superman saves a house


The storyline about Luthor wanting to tear down old Mr. Odetts house comes to a climax in Adventures of Superman 573 (Dec. 99), by Immonen, Mark Millar, Steve Epting and Rodier.  Great cover, and the art is good, but story is a snoozer.


Luthor gets a court order allowing him to take Odetts house away. At the very least he could tie the old man to the railroad tracks.


As Luthor presents the order to Odetts, Superman shows up.  He meets, and fights, Hope and Mercy, Luthor’s new bodyguards, for the first time.


Superman may not be able to save the house, but Clark Kent does.  Perry White runs a cover story in the back-again Daily Planet about the house, and with public support gets the place declared a historic landmark.



Adventures of Superman 550 – Jimmy Olsen’s big broadcast, and the Guardian on the hunt


The cover of Adventures of Superman 550 (Sept. 97) is split in three, but the oversized issue itself is divided into two stories.


Kesel, Immonen and Marzan focus on Jimmy Olsen in the first story.  Cat Grant has allowed a huge promotion for Jimmy’s Superman special.  He has three guests scheduled: Collin Thornton, Clark Kent and Johnny Dakota, and intends to expose the one he has figured out is Superman.


But no one knows exactly what Jimmy has planned.  Perry White rages at Simone DeNeige for promoting Jimmy’s show on the front page of the Planet, instead of covering Lex Luthor’s trial.  But the issue does much the same thing, with very little time spent on Luthor.


Once Jimmy has Lois and Clark onstage, and the cameras are rolling, Jimmy announces his intention to reveal Superman’s secret identity.  Lois Lane is instantly enraged and storms off the set, but Clark stays around, and talks with Jimmy about the importance of Superman, the sacrifices he makes, and that his secrets are needed and deserve to be kept.


Abashed, Jimmy sacrifices his career and turns the show into a farce, saying that Superman has no secret identity, and he lives in a cave in the arctic, with a giant golden door key.  Cat has no choice but to fire him, and Jimmy agrees it has to be done.

The kicker comes as we discover that Jimmy Olsen believes Collin Thornton is Superman.


Kesel is joined by Grummett and Rodier for the Guardian solo story, as he hunts down Boss Moxie.


Moxie was prepared for him, and has a Dabney Donovan designed treat, the mob, which take down the Guardian.


Dabney plans to clone the Guardian, and has Anomaly there as muscle.  But the Guardian breaks free, and insists to Floyd Barstow that Cadmus can still help him, and he can still not follow the criminal path of the original Floyd.


The Guardian defeats Anomaly and heads back to Cadmus with him.  Boss Moxie and the other Intergang members watch Jimmy Olsen’s show, and decide that Jimmy lied on tv, and that he really does know who Superman is.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.


Adventures of Superman 549 – the Newsboy Legion vs the Dingbats of Danger Street


Some rarely seen characters appear in the Kesel, Immonen and Marzan story in Adventures of Superman 549 (Aug. 97).


Superman winds up in the middle of a turf war over an abandoned theatre.  The Newsboy Legion have claimed the building, and are fighting off the Dingbats of Danger Street.  These Kirby creations appeared only once, in 1st Issue Special 6 in 1975, and not again until this story.


Sadly, they only appear at the beginning and end of the tale.  Other matters occupy the rest.  There is some really nice art as Lori Lemaris bids farewell, heading to South America and out of the series for good.


Superman has some difficulty using his new powers to help evacuate people in a fire,and he has to change back and forth to Clark and Superman.  Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane are on the scene, as is Collin Thornton.


Hamilton has finished his tests on Superman, and has no good news.  His DNA has been re-written, partly due to the dimensional interface with Kandor, and partly because of the onset of the Genesis wave.


The war between the Dingbats and the Newsboys gets resolved by the Green Team, another 1st Issue Special alumnus, though they did make an appearance since, in Ambush Bug in the 80s.  The Green Team got a recent, brief revival, but the Dingbats went back into obscurity.


The issue closes on Cat Grant and Jimmy Olsen.  Jimmy’s credibility took some blows with his false accusations against Lori Lemaris.  He wants to prove himself again, and believes that he has figured out who Superman is.

Adventures of Superman 548 – secrets revealed and not


Lots of interesting little scenes in Adventures of Superman 548 (July 1997), by Kesel, Immonen and Marzan.


The story begins as an epilogue to Superman and the Atom’s visit to Kandor.  Look, it even says epilogue in the first narration box.  But I don’t mind, I love that Stalinesque Kandor statue.


Scorn and Ashbury have become constant companions, with him running all the interference she might need.


Superman finds out that his new uniform was made by a Lexcorp subsidiary, and demands to know if Luthor is behind his power changes.  The scene gets interrupted by the Contessa, who fakes going into labour.


Superman gets a visit from the Phantom Stranger, who lets Superman know that his power shift is part of a much bigger event, like the next big crossover story.


The story closes on Saviour, as he looks at images of Scorn and the electric Superman, and decides to get rid of these pretenders.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.

Adventures of Superman 547 – Superman and the Atom in Kandor

Kesel, Immonen and Marzan send Superman into the bottle city of Kandor, with the Atom as his travelling companion in Adventures of Superman 547 (June 1997).


We get to see Emil Hamilton’s large collection of robotic arms, suitable for any occasion.  Superman comes over so that Emil can run some tests on him, as there is still no explanation for his extreme power change.


While he is there, they see on the monitor that Kandor has descended into civil war.  Superman decides he needs to go into the bottle, but Hamilton is not sure how to shrink his energy form.  So Superman calls on the Atom, de-aged in Zero Hour and currently a member of the Teen Titans.  Prysm and Joto cameo.


They solve the shrinking problem, and enter the bottle city.  The visuals inside Kandor are great.


While Superman and the Atom get all caught up in the problems in Kandor, which are followed in the next issue of Action Comics, Scorn seeks out Ashbury, having adopted a Superman costume of his own.

Adventures of Superman 546 – Battleship Metallo


Superman is now in his blue electric phase, as Adventures of Superman 546 (May 1997) follows the previous issue of Superman, in which he gained the new costume to control his new powers, in a story by Kesel, Immonen and Marzan.


He comes home to show Lois the new suit, and demonstrate his instant changes from Superman to the completely powerless Clark Kent.


Dirk Armstrong writes an article warning that the new Superman is a danger to the city, which Simone DeNeige oks for the front page.  This brings an angry Perry White back to the office, as well as an upset Superman. Others are displeased as well, and some Superman “fans” kidnap Armsrtong’s daughter Ashbury.


Scorn, who has been wandering Metropolis since escaping the bottle city of Kandor, winds up being in the right place at the right time to rescue the blind Ashbury.


Which is good, because Superman gets delayed by Metallo.  The villain had read about Superman’s new powers, and thought it was worth a new battle.  Superman throws Metallo into a fleet of battleships, which was not a wise move.  Metallo forms a huge new body out of them, and makes Superman his new energy source.


But all Superman has to do is turn into Clark Kent, and the power goes off, and Metallo falls down goes boom.

But Metallo just makes himself another body, more practically sized, and the story continues in the next issue of Action.