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Adventures of Superman 567 – Dominus triumphant


Superman – King of the World moves towards its resolution in the Kesel, Ordway, Paul Ryan and Rodier story in Adventures of Superman 567 (May 1999).


Superman survives the destruction of the Fortress, after Lex Luthor dropped the top of Lexcorp Towers onto it.


Up in space, Luthor is quite proud of his success with this, and using Outburst as his tool.  He leaves the boy to die, and begins to head back to Earth, but gets attacked by more Superman robots.


One of the robots does not participate in any of this, instead being devoted to keeping Lois Lane safe.  She gets the robot to bring her to the remains of the Fortress.


Before they arrive, Superman has his big battle with Dominus.  Because Dominus can control his perception of reality, Superman enters a trace state, and allows the battle suit to fight for him.  Good idea, but it doesn’t work.  At the end, Dominus not only defeats Superman, but also takes on his appearance, and his life.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.


Adventures of Superman 566 – Superman destroys Lexcorp Towers


Superman falls afoul of the police in Adventures of Superman 566 (April 1999), in a story by Kesel, Ordway, Grummett and Rodier, part of the Superman – King of the World story arc.


Superman now has an army of robots patrolling the world and keeping the peace – as well as building huge resentment against him.


Superman discovers that Luthor has been creating synthetic kryptonite in his labs.  Superman forcibly evacuates everyone from the building, then tears off the top floors, hurling them into space.


This is the straw that breaks the camel’s back, and the police come out in force to stop him.  Dan Turpin has no fear of Superman, and when the situation spirals out of control, Turpin threatens to blow himself up with a grenade unless Superman flies away.


Batman informs the Justice League of these developments.  Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Orion and Big Barda prepare to fight Superman.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.

Adventures of Superman 565 – the Justice League have an intervention with Superman


I like the cover for Adventures of Superman 565 (March 1999), but that’s about the only thing I care for in the Kesel, Ordway, Grummett and Rodier story.  It’s part of the Superman – King of the World story arc, which I find long and tedious and without interest.


Luthor’s people are concerned about how active Superman has become, racing around the world non-stop, solving everything. But Luthor is not displeased, figuring on how he can exploit this.


Flash villains Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang make the bad mistake of pulling a robbery in Metropolis.  Outburst joins Superman in taking the bad guys down.


Justice League of America members Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter show up to express to Superman their concern about his behaviour.  He brushes them off, insisting that he is only helping and doing what the Justice League is there to do.  There is no big conflict between Superman and the League in this issue, but it sets it up for later.

Adventures of Superman 564 – Superman dreams of a meltdown


Kesel, Ordway, Grummett and Rodier return in Adventures of Superman 564 (Jan. 99), as Superman has a nightmare about a nuclear meltdown, as pictured on the cover.


Assuming it was just a dream, he spends most of the issue dealing with Mr. Odetts, who refuses to sell his house to Luthor for the Hypersector development.


The former Planet staff members gather for lunch at Big Belly Burger, filling us in on their job prospects, or lack thereof.  Jimmy has no major dirt for Perry White.  Ron Troupe and Lucy Lane are also struggling, while Lois does what she can to help.


The story ends as Superman learns about a nuclear meltdown in Markovia, but gets there too late to do anything about it.  Geo-Force shows him the devastation and death it brought about.

Adventures of Superman 562 – the Daily Planet shuts down


The Daily Planet gets shut down by Kesel, Ordway, Grummett and Rodier in Adventures of Superman 562 (Oct. 98).


The staff watch the globe being taken down, as they debate why so few of them kept their jobs.  Lois Lane and Simone DeNeige are still employees, as is Jimmy Olsen.  Jimmy ponders quitting, but Perry White tells him to stay on, be his eyes and ears in the new company.  Ron is off to try to find work, while Clark decides to work on another novel.


We discover that this is really bad news for Ron, as Lucy Lane is pregnant. Jimmy manages to not only reveal to Lucy that he knows about it, but also is the one to inform Lois that her unwed sister is going to have a baby.


There is some Intergang action in the tale, with Machine Gun and Torcher breaking out of prison, trying to make their way back to Dabney Donovan’s lab.


Machine Gun gets shot to bits by the police, so Torcher immolates them both.  Dabney Donovan wonders what all the ruckus is, and wanders out and right into the waiting arms of the police.


Adventures of Superman 561 – Dominus’ mind games


The wonderful reality-flipping stories take a turn for the worse as Superman deals with Dominus in the Kesel, Ordway, Grummett and Rodier tale in Adventures of Superman 561 (Sept. 98).


Waverider comes to Metropolis, explaining that Dominus has been hunting for Kismet, and all the weird realities he was sent to was just part of Dominus’ plan to draw her out.  Superman promises to help protect Kismet.


Perry White summons the Daily Planet staff to give them the bad news that Franklin Stern has had to put the newspaper up for sale. Lois and Clark, Jimmy, Ron and Simone DeNeige all fear for their jobs under whoever buys it.


And we find out that Waverider was not really in this story, it was Dominus playing with Superman’s mind again.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.

Adventures of Superman 560 – Superman’s brother helps out


Kesel, Ordway, Grummett and Rodier pull off another great Silver Age style story in Adventures of Superman 560 (Aug. 98), although this one bears more resemblance to a World’s Finest story.


The Toyman makes a cameo at the start of the tale, being carted off to prison, as Superman finds out that Lois Lane has started dating Batman.


Superman feels jealous, but before he can do anything about it, Jimmy Olsen finds a chunk of red kryptonite in his caramel corn.  Oh no!


The red kryptonite gives Superman a giant bulbous head, and he has to find a way to conceal this, so as not to reveal that he is Clark Kent.


Batman winds up helping out, impersonating Superman. But by this point Superman has had enough of his interference, and confronts him.  Batman is puzzled.  Why would Superman not want his help?  They are brothers, after all.


Batman reminds Superman how the Kents adopted both of them, and they grew up together.  The flashbacks have Lana Lang falling for both of them in high school, and Bruce Wayne adopting the Robin identity to save Superboy from Luthor.


The story gets even more bizarre when Jor-El and Lara show up, to take Superman back to a Krypton that never exploded.


As the issue ends, Batman is revealed to be the mysterious little girl, who in turn is revealed to be Kismet.  What is going on?

Some answers are given in the next issue of Action.