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Superman 699 – Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes battle Brainiac


Robinson and Chang bring the Last Stand on New Krypton towards its conclusion in Superman 699 (June 2010).


Battles take place left right and centre in this issue.  The Legion of Super-Heroes who are in the present: Element Lad, Sensor Girl, Matter-Eater Lad, Star Boy, Tellus, Quislet and Chameleon Boy are fighting Brainiac’s drones and the various alien races from the previous issue.  They are aiming to free Mon-El, although once again the hero frees himself.


They manage to retrieve Kandor, which Brainiac has shrunk and bottled once again, this time with Superboy trapped inside.  Brainiac 5 and Supergirl take the city to expand it again.


Brainiac is too busy to stop them, being all caught up in a fight with Zod.


Luthor, never one to miss an opportunity for destruction, chooses a bottled city at random and enlarges it while it is still on Brainiac’s ship.


As the issue ends, the enlarging city rips through the hull of the ship, which is located directly above the restored Kandor.

The story concludes in the final issue of Last Stand of New Krypton.


Superman 692 – mourning Mon-El


Metropolis deals with the murder of Mon-El and the destruction of their sewer system in the Robinson, Fernando Dagnino and Raul Fernandez story in Superman 692 (Nov. 09).


The Guardian and the Science Police are run off their feet, as villains take advantage of Mon-El’s absence.  We see them chase and capture Riot and Bloodsport.  Morgan Edge promotes Sam Lane and Squad K as the big heroes of the day, and tars Supergirl, Nightwing and Flamebird as Kryptonian murderers and terrorists.


We also catch up with Mirabai.  Zachary Zatara is now her prisoner.  It turns out that Mark Merlin was never really a part of the story, he was just another of Mirabai’s disguises.  This disappoints me a bit, only in the speed with which this was done.  I could easily have read a half dozen more pages building this storyline before the big reveal.  Once again, this was a case of Sam Lane using one of his operatives to take another Metropolis hero off the board.


The Guardian leads the Science Police in a wake for Jonathan Kent, having revealed to them that he was really Mon-El.  He also reveals to Billi Harper that he knew from the start that she was really his niece.  That’s why he chose for his special unit.


There is another big reveal in the issue.  After some decent, subtle, clues, we see that SP member Wilcox is really Sensor Girl, from the Legion of Super-Heroes.


And as the story ends, Sam Lane and Codename Assassin walk through their secret base, past a load of cool cameos. The top row refers back to World War 2, with G.I. Robot, the original Robotman and Robot Dog, a Manhunter and Mekanique.  The bottom row is also from the same era historically, if not publishing-wise, with the Creature Commandos.  Their code number refers to the issue of Weird War Stories that they debuted in.  But the real thrill for me was the middle row, with the original incarnation of the Outsiders, from First Issue Special 10 (their code number being FIS10).  These Outsiders had never appeared since their original story.

After this, we see that Mon-El is alive, and a captive of General Lane.

The story continues in the next issue.

Superman 691 – Mon-El ambushed


Superman 691 (Oct. 09) continues the Codename: Patriot story arc that has run through all the Superman books this month, with a story by Robinson, Guedes and Magalhaes.


Supergirl leads Mon-El down into the sewers, where he immediately gets attacked by Nightwing and Flamebird.  Supergirl joins in on the fight against the very puzzled Mon-El, which is all being captured on film.  But the reality is that these are Mirabai, Reactron and Metallo, all in disguise thanks to Mirabai’s magic.  Together they defeat Mon-El, and then blow up the Metropolis sewer system.


Superman is busy, chasing Val-Dar to Markovia.  General Lane set up Val-Dar to believe that the diplomatic meeting between the US and Markovia had to do with an attack on New Krypton.  Both Superman and Val-Dar are playing right into General Lane’s hands.  He makes his big public return, leading his forces against the dangerous Kryptonians, blasting them with enough kryptonite to kill Val-Dar.


Superman is surprised to see that Sam Lane is still alive, and acting so malevolently.  He has put together some of Lane’s scam, but isn’t sure what action to take.


A lot of Sam Lane’s plans are made clear in this story.  We see that Mirabai comes from a magical realm, which Lane uses for instantaneous transportation.  Morgan Edge is also one of Lane’s lawns, spreading exactly the slant Lane wants on the media.  By the end of this issue, Lane feels that all his plans have come to fruition perfectly.

Superman 683 – things fall apart


Robinson, Guedes, Correa and Magalhaes have the situation with the Kandorians on Earth spiral downwards in Superman 683 (Feb. 09).


Superman comes to Alura to plead with her to turn over the Kandorians who had killed humans, but Alura has no intention of doing any such thing, with her husband dead at the hands of a human.  Supergirl tries to mediate between them, but Alura coldly insults her and questions her loyalties.


The situation has descended into open warfare.  We see three Green Lanterns, Power Girl, Black Lightning, the Guardian, Starfire and others battling against the Kandorians.


And as the issue ends, a squad of magical characters show up to join the fray.

The story continues in the next issue of Action Comics.

Superman 681 – Krypton on Earth


Robinson, Guedes and Magalhaes continue with the New Krypton story, following the Brainiac story arc from Action Comics, in Superman 681 (Dec. 08).


Supergirl is thrilled to find her parents, Zor-El and Alura, and her best friend, Thara, are still alive and now on Earth after Kandor is freed from Brainiac.  The Kandorians fly off to explore their new world.


But not everyone is as happy about this as Supergirl.  Superman gets confronted by members of the Justice League and Justice Society, who worry about the huge number of super-powered Kryptonians now on Earth.


Lois Lane learns that Agent Liberty has gone back to work for the government.  A meeting is arranged between the Kandorians and the president of the US, and Agent Liberty is going to be acting as security.


But it’s not the Kandorians that cause the problem, as Doomsday suddenly appears at the event.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.

Superman 679 – Atlas whups Superman


The battle between Superman and Atlas just keeps going in the Robinson, Guedes and Magalhaes story from Superman 679 (Oct. 08).


Both Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen head out to watch and cover the battle between Superman and Atlas.


Lana Lang attempts to send Lexcorp troops out to help Superman, but in doing so activates a holographic program left by Lex Luthor.  She has violated her contract.  No Lexcorp properties must ever be used to help Superman, and Lana loses her post as CEO.


Jimmy Olsen spots a mystery man watching the fight from above, but the man disappears.


Supergirl arrives to help Superman, but gets injured by a ray that blasts down from a satellite.  Superman sends her away for her own safety, which leaves him crushed by Atlas.


The story ends as Krypto shows up.  To save the day?

The story continues in the next issue.

Superman 670 – Superman vs Amalak


Busiek, Leonardi and Green bring the Third Kryptonian story to a conclusion in Superman 670 (Jan. 08).


Amalak attacks Superman, but he is not the only one in peril in this issue.  Amalak’s men also go after Supergirl, Power Girl and even Krypto.


Amalak’s past gets filled in in a flashback scene.  His world had been ruled by Krypton, and had rebelled.  General Zod had exterminated the entire population, except for Amalak, who was out in space at the time.  Amalak swears vengeance against all Kryptonians.


So Kandor is a big prize for Amalak.  Batman tries to defend the Fortress, but only manages to delay Amalak long enough for the Kryptonians to get there.


Amalak finds the bottle city, but is furious.  It is not the REAL Kandor.  Incensed, Amalak destroys the bottle.  As Superman thinks, this does not actually destroy the city, as the bottle was really just an energy barrier, the city still exists in some other dimension.  Not that we will ever see it again. But this does open the door for the real Kandor to appear, not too far down the road.


With that done, the heroes all join together and trounce Amalak fairly easily.  The one who had called herself Kristen Wells decides to go to the interplanetary authorities (the Green Lantern Corps?  they aren’t named though), and turn herself in.

Some nice touches, but overall a bit of a disappointment.