Superman 389 – whatever happened to Clark Kent’s foster brother?


Superman 389 (Nov. 83) brings back a minor character from an issue of New Adventures of Superboy from a few years earlier, Cory Renwald.


Bates, Kupperberg, Swan and Hunt helm this tale, which sees the adult Renwald in Metropolis.  He is a government agent, but suffering amnesia, and as Superman discovers, now accused of being a traitor.


With no memory of his past, Renwald is not very trusting, even of Clark, despite being shown photographs of their time together as children.


But Superman is patient with him, and convinced that he is innocent, despite the government’s suspicions.  By staying on his trail he uncovers the real traitors, and clears Renwald’s name.  And though by the end of the story Cory has regained his memory, he clearly has not much familial feeling, as we never see him again.


The story ends with Perry White agonizing over his problems with his wife, and Vartox floating around in space.



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