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Adventures of Superman 647 – Ruin unmasked for real


The real conclusion to the Ruin story comes in Adventures of Superman 647 (Feb. 06), by Rucka, Defilippis, Weir and Guedes.


Lupe Leocadio has been set up perfectly by Ruin, to kill Pete Ross, believing he is the villain, in order to save Lana Lang.  But despite all of Emil Hamilton’s planning, Lupe sees through the ruse. Superman gets there just in time, but discovers that Lupe was not intending to shoot Pete anyway.


In fact, Lupe risks her own life to save Pete when Ruin uses everything at his command to kill them all.


Superman gets Lupe, Pete and Lana to the hospital, and then goes after Emil Hamilton. It’s a sad confrontation between the former friends, as Hamilton has completely lost his mind, and is willing to kill himself simply to get at Superman.  But Superman ensures that no one dies, and brings his former friend to prison.  Although it’s sad to see this ending for Emil Hamilton, it does come full circle, from his earliest appearances in this book.


Adventures of Superman 646 – Mxyzptlk on hard times


Rucka, Kershl and Faucher have a moody Mxyzptlk in Adventures of Superman 646 (Jan. 06).


Clark Kent comes across Mxyzptlk as a bum in an alleyway, all rendered in black and white.  This is a very atypical Mxyzptlk tale, not silly or goofy in any way, rather nostalgic and sad, with an ominous feeling of things coming to an end.


This is intercut with Lois Lane’s investigation into her shooting.  After determining that Maxwell Lord had ordered it, and was working for Checkmate, she blackmails Checkmate operative Jonah McCarthy to get the name of the one who shot her.


Mxyzptlk and Clark talk about Ruin, and what he knows, and who he isn’t.  Clark comes to the realization that there is only one person with the knowledge and technical skills to be Ruin.  Emil Hamilton.  Shortly after this, Mxyzptlk gets pulled away against his will, and into the pages of Infinite Crisis.


Lois Lane confronts her shooter, Sasha Bordeaux.  As a result of events in The OMAC Project miniseries, Sasha has become part OMAC.  While Sasha regrets the shooting of Lois, and explains that she was just following orders, Lois is pleased by the fact that Sasha is miserable in her new, robotic body.


The story ends as Lupe Leocadio heads to the site Emil Hamilton sent her to, where we see Lana Lang and Pete Ross both bound, with Pete set up to be killed as Ruin.

The story continues in the next era.


Adventures of Superman 645 – so many connecting plots


As the cover of Adventures of Superman 645 (Dec. 05) proclaims, the issue leads in to Infinite Crisis, and takes a few less artists to do so.  Rucka is joined by Defilippis, Weir, Guedes, Kershl and Faucher.


The Daily Planet staff are shown, watching the endless loop of Wonder Woman killing Maxwell Lord.  The discussions that Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, Ron Troupe and Clark Kent have about how to interpret the out of context material help to convey the attitudes of the people across the world seeing it.


The skies of Metropolis fill with OMACs.  They aren’t taking action, just “protecting,” and making no one feel safe.


While Luthor, with Mercy and the female Parasite at his side plots with both the Secret Six and Ruin.  No wonder he’s getting headaches.


Emil Hamilton visits Lupe Leocado, having deduced where Ruin must have his power supply.  She heads out, although we do not see her again this issue.


Luthor draws out Superman for Ruin, in a broad daylight confrontation.  Superman figures out that Ruin’s teleportation is physically draining him, and that he must be using Phantom Zone technology.  But before he can unmask Ruin, he gets teleported away.


Superman winds up at the Moon, and the wreckage that used to be the Justice League Watchtower. Infinite Crisis 1 picks up from this point.


Adventures of Superman 641 – an OMAC attacks


Adventures of Superman 641 (Aug. 05) is mostly a continuation of the Ruin storyline, although, as the cover proclaims, it also ties in to the current OMAC Project miniseries.  Rucka and Kerschl are the creative team.


Lupe Leocado has Pete Ross in for questioning. He denies being Ruin, which Leocado has no time, and roughs him up.


Clark comes to question Pete as well.  He is more convinced about Pete’s innocence, not in the least because Pete lets Clark know that he knows his secret identity.


Lois Lane has clearly adjusted to the role of Mrs. Superman, as she contacts Batman for information as part of her investigation into her shooting.


Emil Hamilton examines Ruin’s costume and weaponry, and expresses his doubts that Pete Ross could have created it.


Then the action begins, as the Parasites break out of their cells, and the energy drain affects other cells, leading to a riot in the prison.  An OMAC appears, and targets the Parasite twins, killing them.  But once the hubbub has died down, they see that Pete Ross has vanished from his cell.

Adventures of Superman 640 – Ruin unmasked


Rucka and Kerschl bring the Ruin storyline to a close – or at least appear to – in Adventures of Superman 640 (July 2005).


Ruin goes after John Henry Irons, and Natasha as Steel, in this story.  Clark meets with Lana, who is eager for the divorce, and then Pete, who is not.


Lois Lane gets Ron to do research for her on her shooting, while Superman flies off to deal with Ruin.  Hearing about the fight, Lois and Jimmy head down to the street, and as Jimmy snaps pictures, Superman unmasks Ruin.


It’s Pete Ross.  But is it, really?  I didn’t believe it for a second.


Adventures of Superman 637 – Ruin tries to kill Jimmy Olsen


The mystery of Ruin’s identity takes centre stage in Adventures of Superman 637 (April 2005), by Rucka, Guedes, Clark and Lanning.


The issue opens with a flashback to the period when Luthor was president, and Pete Ross his veep.  Luthor shows Pete the proof that Superman is really Clark Kent, his longtime friend, who has been lying to him for all those years.


Lois Lane meets with Perry White, and they discuss her shooting.  Investigating, she has learned that there were no Umec snipers at their position.  Someone else was behind the shooting.  So who was playing them?


Ruin goes after Jimmy Olsen in this issue, but Jimmy manages to use his signal watch, which brings Superman, and Lupe Leocado gets on the scene quickly as well.


Emil Hamilton has provided the SCU a weapon designed to take out Ruin, but when Lupe uses it, it simply increases his powers.  And though he doesn’t kill Jimmy, Ruin does teleport away again.


The issue ends as Pete Ross comes to meet with Clark.  Once again, he talks about Lana leaving him.  He asks Clark to let Lana know he still loves her.

The story continues in the next issue.

Adventures of Superman 636 – Superman gets some harsh advice


Rucka, Rags Morales and John Dell III bring the events of Identity Crisis into the storyline in Adventures of Superman 636 (March 2005), as Superman meets with Batman and Wonder Woman.


Superman does manage to find and confront Ruin, but as he removes the villain’s mask, Ruin teleports away.


Batman and Wonder Woman come to meet with Superman as his tesseract Fortress.  Superman tells them both about Ruin, and how he knows how to cut off Superman’s powers temporarily, and is gunning for all of his friends.  The discussion about how to deal with him winds up leading to a discussion about the mind-wiping of Dr. Light.  As Wonder Woman (blinded after her recent fight with Medusa in her own book) was not part of the Justice League at that time, they recap the situation for her.


As this is going on, we see Lupe Leocado bringing Emil Hamilton to examine the Parasite twins.


Pete Ross pays a visit to Lois Lane.  He tells her that Lana Lang has filed for divorce, and doubts that she ever loved him.


Wonder Woman insists that Superman has no choice but to kill Ruin, in order to save those close to him.  Batman does not agree, but does suggest to Superman that Ruin is most likely Luthor.


Astonishingly, Batman is wrong.  Though as the issue ends, we see that Ruin and Luthor are working together.

The story continues in the next issue.