This is the fourth Babblings about DC Comics blog, and picks up where the previous one left off.

In these blogs, I am working my way through all of the major DC Comics, going through every issue which has something worth commenting on.  I discuss every ongoing series, and highlight the recurring villains and significant supporting cast.

Often the entries summarize the plots, and occasionally (likely more as I get further in) my own personal connections with the issues.

For some reason, I have much harder time writing these darn “About” pages than I do writing the entries themselves.

The previous one cut off as I was working my way through Superman comics, in 1978.  This one will definitely finish off Superman, and move through Flash Comics before getting on to Batman.  Will I make it all the way through Batman before I have to go onto Babblings about DC Comics 5?  We shall see!

I try to post every day.  Plowing my way through this stuff.

I also write a column, once again about DC Comics, but looking at them from a bit of a different angle, on the website comicbookbin.com.  Check it out!


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