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Superman 679 – Atlas whups Superman


The battle between Superman and Atlas just keeps going in the Robinson, Guedes and Magalhaes story from Superman 679 (Oct. 08).


Both Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen head out to watch and cover the battle between Superman and Atlas.


Lana Lang attempts to send Lexcorp troops out to help Superman, but in doing so activates a holographic program left by Lex Luthor.  She has violated her contract.  No Lexcorp properties must ever be used to help Superman, and Lana loses her post as CEO.


Jimmy Olsen spots a mystery man watching the fight from above, but the man disappears.


Supergirl arrives to help Superman, but gets injured by a ray that blasts down from a satellite.  Superman sends her away for her own safety, which leaves him crushed by Atlas.


The story ends as Krypto shows up.  To save the day?

The story continues in the next issue.


Superman 673 – Superman vs Insect Queen


Busiek and Merino conclude the Insect Queen storyline in Superman 673 (April 2008).


Superman gets a vision of the world if Insect Queen succeeds at her plan.  Can’t help but notice how often in Busiek’s run there are scenes of potential futures.  They do make for interesting visuals, although they don’t really advance the story.  Makes me wonder if these are meant to be an adaptation of the old “Imaginary Stories.”


Chris Kent is terrified that Clark will send him back home after he blew up the apartment in the previous issue.  Lois tries to comfort the boy, but all he can think of is the way Superman insisted that the Kryptonian woman from the Third Kryptonian turn herself in for her crimes.  Lois has a hard time trying to convince Chris that the situations are completely different.


The Insect Queen has added Superman’s DNA to her new troops, and now prepares to get rid of Superman.  Lana Lang steps in to fight back, and though she clearly is outmatched by the Insect Queen, this does give Superman the minute he needs to recover and fight back.  The newbie insects, despite having his powers, are no real threat to Superman.


He encases the Insect Queen in her own ambrosia, and sends her floating away in the void of space.  Although she does not return in this body, the Insect Queen does come back in Supergirl the following year.


And once back on Earth, Superman lets Chris know that he has no intention of sending him away.

Superman 672 – Insect Queen on the moon


Busiek, Vale and Wellington Diaz continue with the Insect Queen storyline in Superman 672 (March 2008).


The Insect Queen explains her past connection with Luthor, who built a Lexcorp base on the Moon.  Luthor had made his usual shallow promises to the alien insect leader, and then turned on her and exploited her.  At least he helped create her insect army.  But now the Insect Queen wants both vengeance on Lexcorp, and to take over the Earth.  She drew Lana Lang’s DNA to form her current body, which is why it resembles Lana.


Now the Insect Queen wants Superman, planning to use his DNA to add to her “ambrosia,” and give her insect army super-powers.


As the Insect Queen draws what she needs from Superman, Chris Kent has a huge explosive power burst, destroying Lois and Clark’s apartment.

The story concludes in the next issue.

Superman 671 – Lana Lang captured by Insect Queen


While in the pre-Crisis universe Insect Queen was Lana Lang’s hero identity, Busiek, Peter Vale and Merino introduce a villainous version with an interest in Lana Lang in Superman 671 (Feb. 08).


Lana Lang, who is currently the CEO of Lexcorp, gets attacked by a giant insect, who captures her and takes her away.


This story arc also deals with Chris Kent, and the explosive power bursts he suffers from, which the red sun watch is not much help in preventing.


The giant insects also go after Superman, though the reason behind these kidnappings is not clear at first.


The issue ends as Lana Lang meets the Insect Queen, who emerges from a chrysalis, looking much like Lana herself.

The story continues in the next issue.

Superman 655 – Arion gets involved


Arion, the one-time Lord of Atlantis, gets pulled into the Superman world by Busiek, Pacheco and Merino, in Superman 655 (Oct. 06).


The story begins with Arion in 18th century France, getting a vision of some terrible future events.  He peers into the future to see more clearly.  The bulk of the story consists of what he sees.


Clark Kent visits Lana Lang, supposedly to get an interview about running Lexcorp, though in reality they talk about her divorce and feelings about Pete, and the fact that Pete will no longer call their son Clark.  There is some romantic tension between Clark and Lana, but he has an emergency to fly off to.


A secret Soviet experiment from years earlier breaks free.  Subjekt 17 is some sort of alien being, it appears, and able to cause an awful lot of damage, and make trouble for Superman.


Arion is displeased with what he sees, and opens a passageway to the present to set things right.

The story continues in the next issue.

Superman 654 – the new CEO of Lexcorp


Busiek begins his solo run on the book with Superman 654 (Sept. 06), with art by Carlos Pacheco and Jesus Merino.


Intergang is back and causing problems, as Superman and the SCU have to deal with Neutron.  Some energy collecting rods help take control of him.


Perry White informs Clark Kent that his old flame Lana Lang has been appointed to take over Lexcorp, and suggests that Clark get an exclusive interview with her.


But before he can do that, there is a lot of other running around to do.  The Prankster does not really appear in this story, only his latest annoyance, of giant electrified popcorn.


Far more dangerous is the return of Ugly Mannheim, now given power to take on giant size.  Superman wonders if he is still getting his weaponry from Darkseid, but Mannheim seems to have a new partner.  He disappears, but vows to return.

Adventures of Superman 647 – Ruin unmasked for real


The real conclusion to the Ruin story comes in Adventures of Superman 647 (Feb. 06), by Rucka, Defilippis, Weir and Guedes.


Lupe Leocadio has been set up perfectly by Ruin, to kill Pete Ross, believing he is the villain, in order to save Lana Lang.  But despite all of Emil Hamilton’s planning, Lupe sees through the ruse. Superman gets there just in time, but discovers that Lupe was not intending to shoot Pete anyway.


In fact, Lupe risks her own life to save Pete when Ruin uses everything at his command to kill them all.


Superman gets Lupe, Pete and Lana to the hospital, and then goes after Emil Hamilton. It’s a sad confrontation between the former friends, as Hamilton has completely lost his mind, and is willing to kill himself simply to get at Superman.  But Superman ensures that no one dies, and brings his former friend to prison.  Although it’s sad to see this ending for Emil Hamilton, it does come full circle, from his earliest appearances in this book.