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Adventures of Superman 500 – back from the dead


After a break of a few months, Adventures of Superman returns with issue 500 (Early June 1993), the bulk of which is by Ordway, Grummett and Hazelwood.


Although the issue had a pretty good 3D cover, I always think of it as pictured above, in the white plastic bag it came in.


The final issue of Funeral for a Friend saw Jonathan Kent die of a heart attack, and this story sees him find his son in the afterlife.


The comic intercuts a lot of scenes with the supporting cast, as Pa Kent fights to bring his son back from the dead.  We see Gangbuster fighting drug dealers and fleeing from the police.


Cat Grant is upset about Jose’s activities, which have driven them apart.  Vinnie Edge sees this as an opportunity to make the move on Cat.


There is also an entertaining sequence with the Prankster killing his cell mate, although this does not tie in to the larger storyline in any way.


Pa Kent gets separated from Clark, and winds up being tempted by Blaze, although he has no interest in her deal.


Kismet also encounters Pa Kent, and leads him to where he can find Superman.


Superman is being carted into a weird afterlife by demons who appear to be Kryptonians.  Pa Kent helps him see through the illusions, and together they enter a tunnel that will bring them back to the real world.


We see Pa Kent revive, to the delight of Lois Lane and Ma Kent, and he announces that Clark is alive as well.


Lois Lane convinces Inspector Henderson to open the tomb, and the find the body gone.


This is followed by four very brief stories, each one introducing a possible resurrected Superman.  Louise Simonson, Jon Bogdanove and Dennis Janke introduce the villainous White Rabbit just before John Henry Irons pulls himself out of the wreckage left by Doomsday.


Roger Stern, Jackson Guice and Denis Rodier show us the vicious Last Son of Krypton, who is pretty obviously the Eradicator.


Karl Kesel, Grummet and Hazelwood take us to Cadmus, where the Newsboy Legion have helped Superboy escape, despite the Guardian’s efforts.


And Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding go the high tech route with the Cyborg Superman.

Each of these four continue to appear in one of the four ongoing Superman titles, which all return later in the month.


Adventures of Superman 499 – break in at the tomb


Ordway, Grummett and Hazelwood continue with Funeral for a Friend, with the fifth chapter in Adventures of Superman 499 (Feb. 93).


Luthor’s sensors indicate activity inside Superman’s tomb, and Supergirl goes to investigate.  She finds that Superman’s body is gone, and a tunnel dug into the tomb.


Jose Delgado goes back into action as Gangbuster, taking on drug dealers, but having problems with the police.


Supergirl follows the tunnels, and so does Dan Turpin, heading in after her.  Both wind up in confrontation with the Underworlders, rejects from Cadmus.


An explosion seals off the tunnel, but Supergirl saves Turpin from the destruction.  Meanwhile, we see that Cadmus has Superman’s corpse.

The story continues in Action.

Adventures of Superman 498 – trying to revive Superman


I didn’t think too much of the death of Superman storyline, but Ordway, Grummett and Hazelwood do an excellent job with Adventures of Superman 498 (Jan. 93), the first chapter of Funeral for a Friend.


The story picks up immediately after Superman’s death, with him and Doomsday still lying in the street.  Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen are there, along with Dubbliex and the Guardian, and members of the SCU under Maggie Sawyer and Dan Turpin.


Turpin literally stumbles across Supergirl, reduced to her protoplasmic form.  Lex Luthor Jr carries her to safety.


Cat Grant has an impressive scene, getting Lois Lane out of her shock, reminding her that they have jobs to do in this situation.


But her son, Adam, still show nothing but contempt for Superman, even though this infuriates Jose Delgado.  Jose wonders if it is time to become Gangbuster again.


But by far the best scene in the issue is the one page showing the Kents watching this all live on television.  From the first time I read this, the scene always chokes me up.


With Emil Hamilton’s help, and Bibbo holding the paddles, an attempt is made to jump start Superman’s heart. But even with all the power they can send through his body, Superman remains lying there dead.  Back at the Daily Planet, Perry White asks Jimmy Olsen to chose which of his photos will be the cover for the next issue, the defining shot of Superman’s death, and he picks the one that serves as the cover for this issue.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.


Adventures of Superman 491 -Metallo goes to the movies


Ordway, Grummett and Hazelwood being Cerberus, a significant terrorist organization from the pages of Superman – The Man of Steel, into Adventures of Superman with issue 491 (June 1992).


They have given Metallo a big new body, although he seems to have no specific instructions beyond causing chaos and trying to kill Superman.  He bursts through the screen at a theatre showing what is implied to be Terminator 2, which happens to be the same showing that Cat Grant, her son Adam, and Jose Delgado are at.


Superman gets involved, spending a lot of the issue fighting Metallo, and we get a lot of the villain’s history in flashback.  Superman discovers that Metallo was rebuilt by Cerberus, passing that information on to Dan Turpin of the Special Crimes Unit.


So when Superman takes down Metallo, they cover him in a gunk that blocks the signal Cerberus always sends out to “shut down” the operatives who fail.

Adventures of Superman 483 – moving the piano


Ordway and Hazelwood are joined by Jim Fern on Adventures of Superman 483 (Oct. 91), one of the most entertainingly silly stories to grace these pages.


Superman stops two men from stealing a piano, which almost falls onto two of the regulars at the Ace O’Clubs.  Through the remainder of the tale they attempt to get the piano to the bar, with all the slapstick that Laurel and Hardy would be able to play on it.


Complicating issues is the return of Blindspot, a former hire by Intergang who appeared a couple of years earlier in Action Comics.  He has tech that turns him invisible, and wants vengeance against Slam Bradley, who captured him last time.


Cat Grant and Jose Delgado get involved in the farce as well, as the piano almost wipes them out.


Blindspot tries to kill Slam, but the piano winds up messing that up as well.  Superman sees what is going on, but does not want to jump in, save the day, and leave Jose feeling humiliated.  He uses his heat vision to short out Blindspot’s device, rendering him visible, and leaving him to Jose and Slam.


And it ends in true comedy fashion, with a song and dance.  Emil Hamilton also had a storyline in this issue, taking a waitress out on a date, but she ends off dancing with Bibbo as a drunk Emil hammers away at the piano.


Adventures of Superman 480 – Krypton Man and Superman fight near the sun


The third chapter of the Krypton Man storyline takes place in the oversized Adventures of Superman 480 (July 1991), with a huge cast of artists.  And supporting characters, for that matter.  Jerry Ordway scripts, with pencils by Tom Grummett, Curt Swan, Jon Bogdanove, Jim Mooney, Art Thibert, Bob McLeod, and Dan Jurgens, and inks by Dennis Janke, Denis Rodier and Brett Breeding.


The Eradictor has formed a human-ish body (or I guess I should say, a Kryptonian-ish body), and is able to fight Superman toe to toe.


But their battle pretty much takes a back seat in this issue to the lives of the other characters.  Vinnie Edge has taken over as CEO of Galaxy Communications while his son Morgan is in prison, and makes a play for Cat Grant, who reluctantly goes along with it.


Jose has been looking after Adam, but gets mugged and dragged away while the two are in the park.  Adam has no idea what to do, and winds up leaving a panicked phone message for his mother.


Ron Troupe makes his debut, though it is not a really impressive one. He comes to the Planet looking for a job, but is fobbed off by Foswell, who has been working as editor while Perry White and his wife are on the Caribbean cruise with the Kents.  The cruise itself is suffering from dangerous seas, a result of the Krypton Man’s climactic manipulations.


Emil Hamilton is at the Fortress, working on Mr. Z’s strange gemstone.  He decides to try out the Kryptonian battle suit for some entertainment.


Krypton Man gets the best of Superman, hurling him into the sun and coming down to Earth.


He announces that he is here to teach humans about the superior ways of Kryptonians.  He callously murders soldiers in a tank as he refashions the machine into a statue of Lincoln-as-Kyptonian, and does the same thing with a Big Belly Burger sign, referring to it as the “food god,” which I particularly enjoyed.


Jose has been kidnapped by a crippled gang member who wants to know his secret for being able to walk again.  Jose has no patience for these fools.


Superman eventually makes it back to Earth, but is exhausted.


While the Krypton Man senses someone not Kryptonian in the Fortress, and is incensed to see Hamilton in the battle suit.

The story concludes in the next issue of Action.


Adventures of Superman 467 – Batman keeps his secrets


Adventures of Superman 467 (Aug. 90) has the second chapter of Dark Knight Over Metropolis, as Batman helps Superman investigate the death of Amanda McCoy.  He is already in possession of the kryptonite ring, and knows far more than he lets on to Superman throughout this story.  The first major team-up of these characters in the post-Crisis universe, there is far more distrust between them at this point than we are used to seeing, thanks to Jurgens and Thibert.


But then, Batman doesn’t really trust most people, and refuses to even discuss the case with Superman as long as Gangbuster is around.


That’s a real shame, as it leaves Jose Delgado open to being set-up by Chiller, impersonating Cat Grant, and then taken down by Shockwave.  The pair had been hired by Intergang to abduct Cat Grant, and with Jose down for the count, Chiller now takes his form. Chiller and Shockwave had not been seen since the cancellation of Booster Gold, the series in which they debuted.


Steve Lombard makes his first post-Crisis appearance in a cameo as Intergang attacks the Lexcorp journalism awards, which Cat is at, along with Clark Kent and Lois Lane.  Morgan Edge is incensed that Lombard is broadcasting an Intergang hit on GBS just before Edge goes to trial.


And though Superman disposes of the Intergang squad, with an assist by Batman, they were really only there as a distraction, to allow Chiller to make off with Cat Grant.

The story concludes in the next issue of Action.