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Superman 700 – coming home, doing Robin’s work, and deciding to walk


Superman 700 (Aug. 10) is a double sized anniversary issue, which contains an epilogue of sorts to the New Krypton storyline, a prologue to the next storyline, Grounded, and a story from Superman’s early days that teams him up with Robin.


The issue opens with a story by Robinson and Chang, which sees Superman return to Earth, just in time to save Lois Lane from the Parasite.  He is working as muscle for the Prankster, but the villains are not really important in this story.  In fact, we do not even see Superman capture the Prankster.


Instead, the story deals with Lois and Clark renewing their relationship.  They discuss losing Chris, and Lois’ feelings about her father.  It makes a warm ending to the long and powerful storyline, and I love the final page, of Superman and Lois embracing in the Metropolis sky.


Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund jump back in time for the second story in the issue.


Dick Grayson is still in high school in this story, and Bruce Wayne refuses to let him go out as Robin until he finishes his geometry homework.  But despite Alfred’s efforts, Dick sneaks out anyway, and winds up going after some gun runners.


Superman winds up coming to Robin’s assistance, and Commissioner Gordon is always happy to deal with the polite Superman.  As Robin has been out much later than expected, and is exhausted, Superman quickly finishes his geometry homework for him.  Dick believes that he has successfully conned Bruce into thinking he did it himself.


But of course, no one puts something over on Batman.  It’s a cute story.  Made me smile.


The final story in the issue, by J. Michael Straczynski, Eddy Barrows and JP Mayer, launches the Grounded storyline.


Superman is answering questions with a crowd of normal people, one of whom is a woman who blames Superman for not using his powers to cure her husband’s brain tumour.  Superman takes this to heart.  Although he really shouldn’t. Superman is hardly responsible for every person’s ailment on the planet.


He visits Batman in the Justice League satellite, and sees how things are viewed from way above.


And then he talks to the Flash, who tells him that things are a blur at super-speed.


And so, Superman comes to Earth and decides to walk across the US.

This just rubbed me the wrong way, and I didn’t collect any of the Grounded storyline.  But now I am going to read it, and write about at least part of it, as it is the final story arc before the book gets cancelled because of Flashpoint.


Superman 695 – Mon-El triumphant


Mon-El battles against the Parasite and Bizarro in Superman 695 (Feb. 10), by Robinson and Bernard Chang.

sup_695_001Mon-El’s battle with the Parasite and Bizarro is made more difficult by the fact that his powers keep turning on and off.  But this turns out to be a plus where the Parasite is concerned.  When the Parasite draws off of Mon-El’s powers he also draws on his lead poisoning, and the pain makes him easy to subdue.  Bizarro fights until he no longer feels like fighting. He leaves for Bizarro World.  This is the final appearance of the pre-Flashpoint Bizarro.


Mon-El meets with Perry White, and learns (as do we) that Jimmy Olsen is still alive.  Natasha Irons is also there, and fills Mon-El in on the Captain Atom storyline taking place in the back pages of Action Comics.  Together, they add up the various things they know of Sam Lane’s plans.  But the public remain in the dark, as Morgan Edge interviews Lane, who spreads a great story about Mon-El getting mind controlled by the Kryptonians, and the government releasing the story that he was dead to give them time to de-program him.


Mon-El and Billi Harper take their relationship to a new level.  You gotta be happy for Mon-El, as things are, otherwise, not going to well for him.


The story ends with a lead-in to the next issue of Action, as Mon-El and the Guardian discover Nightwing and Flamebird busting out of the Science Police headquarters.

Superman 694 – on the farm, and in Metropolis


Mon-El gets a new costume, complete with an “S” crest in Superman 694 (Jan. 10), by Robinson and Pina.  The story intercuts action in Metropolis, with time Mon-El spent recuperating in Smallville with Ma Kent and Superboy.


The action picks up from the end of the previous issue, with the Guardian and the Science Police battling with Bizarro. Mon-El shows up, to their surprise, and joins the fray.


When a child gets trapped in a burning car during the fight, we discover that another Legionnaire has been a part of this run.  Mitch goes into action, eating the car to free the child – it’s Matter-Eater Lad!


The Smallville scenes are quite good as well.  They give a greater depth to Mon-El, as he plays with Krypto and converses with both Ma Kent and Superboy about what it means to take Superman’s place.  Ma makes him his new, Superman-like, costume.


The battle with Bizarro reaches no conclusion in this issue.  Far from it, the situation gets even worse when the Parasite joins the fight.

The story continues in the next issue.

Superman 693 – Mon-El escapes


Mon-El is in the dangerous clutches of Sam Lane in Superman 693 (Dec. 09), by Robinson, Dagnino and Fernandez.


Mon-El wakes to find himself a prisoner of General Lane, and sees his powerful operatives Atlas, Parasite, Mirabia, Metallo, Reactron and Codename Assassin.  Lane has his scientists experiment on Mon-El, testing the limits of his resiliency and healing factors.


But the Parasite is not a happy member of this team, and frees Mon-El, so that Mon can help him escape.  Of course, he tries to betray Mon-El at the critical moment, but both do make it through the dimensional gate.  The brief difference in time becomes a larger difference in the outside world.  When Mon-El emerges, it’s to a scene of widespread destruction.  General Lane is there, and informs Mon-El that the Parasite was not responsible for the wreckage.  Brainiac and Luthor caused it during their breakout, as seen in the last issue of Adventure Comics.


The issue ends as the Guardian and the Science Police face off against Bizarro.

The story continues in the next issue.

Superman 690 – everyone but Mon-El


Superman 690 (Sept. 09) seems to take place both after and during the previous issue.  The battle between Atlas and Steel follows on the events at the conclusion of that issue, but Mon-El’s absence from the Robins and Pere Perez story implies that he is on his world travels.


John Henry Irons manages to get into his Steel armor, but even that is no help against Atlas, who uses Steel’s own hammer against him.


There is an odd sequence with Zachary Zatara.  He meets an old janitor in the theatre, and then gets attacked by the Parasite, in disguise as an adoring fan.  But the Parasite then vanishes, and the janitor reveals himself to be Mark Merlin, long believed dead.  Mark recruits Zatara in his quest for Prince Ra-Man, an other-dimensional being connected to Mark, from waaaay back in 1960s House of Secrets stories.


Dr. Light and the Guardian begin seeing each other socially.  The note at the bottom of the page implies that much more will come of this, but nothing much really does.


And in an odd, and seemingly pointless sequence, Tellus meets with the Daxamite Green Lantern, Sodam Yat, and convinces the Green Lantern not to interact with Mon-El, as this would have negative consequences in the future.



Superman 687 – lots of people spying on each other


Robinson, Guedes and Magalhaes continue with the adventures of Mon-El and the Guardian in Superman 687 (June 2009).


Mon-El takes down Shrapnel as the story begins.  The Guardian is there, and notes that Mon-El still lacks the grace and precision of Superman, but is getting the job done.


Black Lightning has also come to town, and takes out the Untouchables.  We see that the Prankster now has robotic rats keeping an eye on things in the city for him.


Jimmy Olsen meets with Zachary Zatara, showing him the footage he has of the mysterious floating man, and the beams coming from the sky during the fight between Atlas and Krypto.  The Parasite is in the wings, watching and listening.  Zatara has little information to give Jimmy, but does insist that nothing magical was going on.


Atlas has made friends with John Henry Irons, and gets a tour of the Steelworks, as well as the complex sewer system under Metropolis.


The Guardian puts together a special unit of the Science Police, which includes both Jonathan Kent and Billi Harper.  While Sanderson is not hugely important, both Wilcox and Romundi will be significant, and are not who they seem to be.


As the issue ends, Mon-El brings down Plastique, but winds up plummeting into the harbour as his powers fade.

The story continues in the next issue.

Superman 684 – the Parasite’s tale


Robinson is joined by Merino for the Faces of Evil story in Superman 684 (March 2009), which features the Parasite.


The story begins as Superman and the Science Police get his enemies out of the Phantom Zone, returning them to prison.  Mon-El comes to the verge of the Zone, letting Superman know that General Zod, Ursa and Non have also left the Zone.  The Parasite takes advantage of this to make contact with Mon-El, and drains the Daxamite’s powers. Superman manages to get the Parasite restrained, and he is taken back to Stryker’s.


But the Parasite was simply biding his time, and once Superman has left he uses the Daxamite powers he has stolen to bust out.  The Parasite narrates the story, and we see that his original persona, Rudy Jones, has once again taken control of his body, with Torval Freeman all but gone, except for some of his scientific knowledge.


The Guardian gets appointed the head of the Science Police, and reveals his identity as Jim Harper to the rest of the crew, explaining his history, and being a clone.


The original Flash, Jay Garrick, meets with the new Nightwing and Flamebird, but we don’t really know what they discuss.


Superman heads to New Krypton to inform Alura that Zod and his people are no longer in the Phantom Zone, but Alura is already aware of this.  To Superman’s horror, he discovers that Alura had them all released, and Zod is now in charge of the Kryptonian army.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.