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Superman 691 – Mon-El ambushed


Superman 691 (Oct. 09) continues the Codename: Patriot story arc that has run through all the Superman books this month, with a story by Robinson, Guedes and Magalhaes.


Supergirl leads Mon-El down into the sewers, where he immediately gets attacked by Nightwing and Flamebird.  Supergirl joins in on the fight against the very puzzled Mon-El, which is all being captured on film.  But the reality is that these are Mirabai, Reactron and Metallo, all in disguise thanks to Mirabai’s magic.  Together they defeat Mon-El, and then blow up the Metropolis sewer system.


Superman is busy, chasing Val-Dar to Markovia.  General Lane set up Val-Dar to believe that the diplomatic meeting between the US and Markovia had to do with an attack on New Krypton.  Both Superman and Val-Dar are playing right into General Lane’s hands.  He makes his big public return, leading his forces against the dangerous Kryptonians, blasting them with enough kryptonite to kill Val-Dar.


Superman is surprised to see that Sam Lane is still alive, and acting so malevolently.  He has put together some of Lane’s scam, but isn’t sure what action to take.


A lot of Sam Lane’s plans are made clear in this story.  We see that Mirabai comes from a magical realm, which Lane uses for instantaneous transportation.  Morgan Edge is also one of Lane’s lawns, spreading exactly the slant Lane wants on the media.  By the end of this issue, Lane feels that all his plans have come to fruition perfectly.


Superman 689 – Mon-El travels the world


Mon-El spans the globe in Superman 689 (Aug. 09), as Robinson, Guedes and Magalhaes have him interact with a large variety of heroes and villains.


In Metropolis Mon-El takes down Live Wire and the Gentleman Ghost, while Morgan Edge takes to the airwaves to criticize him and suggest that Mon-El is really a Kryptonian.  Later in the issue, the Guardian goes on Edge’s show and avers that Mon-El is a Daxamite, and no threat to the people of Metropolis.  Morgan Edge promptly changes his tune, so quickly that one cannot help but be suspicious.


Tellus leaves Earth, but before he does, he endows the Guardian with some telekinetic shielding, to protect him the next time he faces Codename Assassin.


Much of the issue shows Mon-El defeating a variety of enemies in countries around the world, while at the same time taking the sights and experiences in those regions.  Congorilla gets a cameo, as does the rarely appearing Bwana Beast.


We see that the Prankster has also been recruited by General Lane, and has used functionaries to lure Black Lightning away from Metropolis.


The story ends with John Henry Irons taking Atlas on another tour of the world beneath the city.  Atlas drops his disguise, and turns on Steel.

The story continues in the next issue.

Superman 688 – Mon-El makes friends


Mon-El gets some bad news in the Robinson, Guedes and Magalhaes story in Superman 688 (July 2009).


The Guardian rescues Mon-El after he falls into the harbour, picking up on the end of the previous issue.  Just after he gets fished out, Mon-El is confronted by Squad K and Percy Hazzard.  They accuse him of being a Kryptonian, and Kryptonians are currently banned from Earth.  Mon-El shows them that he is not a Kryptonian, by taking down the entire squad, to the Guardian’s amusement.


Dr. Light has become the head of STAR Labs, and does tests on Mon-El.  She explains to him and the Guardian that the problem Mon-El is facing is his own super-powers.  They are battling against the cure he drank for his lead poisoning, interpreting it as an invading virus.  She informs the two of them that the lead poisoning will kill Mon-El, within a year to eighteen months.


As Jonathan Kent, Mon-El makes friends with Mitch, a cook at the corner restaurant, who is very chatty, and convinces Mon-El to experience some of the finer pleasures in life.


The Guardian leads his Science Police unit to rescue Tellus, finally.  Although they come up against Codename Assassin, they do not actually battle, and Codename Assassin stands aside as the more powerful SP unit escape with Tellus.


Superman 687 – lots of people spying on each other


Robinson, Guedes and Magalhaes continue with the adventures of Mon-El and the Guardian in Superman 687 (June 2009).


Mon-El takes down Shrapnel as the story begins.  The Guardian is there, and notes that Mon-El still lacks the grace and precision of Superman, but is getting the job done.


Black Lightning has also come to town, and takes out the Untouchables.  We see that the Prankster now has robotic rats keeping an eye on things in the city for him.


Jimmy Olsen meets with Zachary Zatara, showing him the footage he has of the mysterious floating man, and the beams coming from the sky during the fight between Atlas and Krypto.  The Parasite is in the wings, watching and listening.  Zatara has little information to give Jimmy, but does insist that nothing magical was going on.


Atlas has made friends with John Henry Irons, and gets a tour of the Steelworks, as well as the complex sewer system under Metropolis.


The Guardian puts together a special unit of the Science Police, which includes both Jonathan Kent and Billi Harper.  While Sanderson is not hugely important, both Wilcox and Romundi will be significant, and are not who they seem to be.


As the issue ends, Mon-El brings down Plastique, but winds up plummeting into the harbour as his powers fade.

The story continues in the next issue.

Superman 686 – Mon-El gets a job


Mon-El and the Guardian begin starring in Superman with issue 686 (May 2009), by Robinson, Guedes and Magalhaes.


While the Guardian leads the Science Police, Mon-El takes to the skies as the new hero of Metropolis.


Atlas makes friends with Bibbo, and though him makes contact with John Henry Irons.


Mon-El gets into a fight with Rampage, and though he triumphs, by flying her way into the air and then letting her drop to the ground, the Guardian is not hugely impressed.  Even though Rampage did not land on anyone or anything, she very well could have.  Mon-El has the powers of Superman, but not the training or finesse.


Steel also has concerns about the damage Mon-El is creating, and the Guardian decides that Mon-El should join the Science Police.  The Guardian can then train him, and keep an eye on him.  We see that Sam Lane and Codename Assassin are also keeping their eyes on him.


As Jonathan Kent begins working for the Science Police, he meets Billi Harper, recently transferred from Gotham (and the Batman books).  She is the grand-niece of the original Jim Harper, and though she is keeping that a secret, moved to be closer to the Guardian.



Superman 683 – things fall apart


Robinson, Guedes, Correa and Magalhaes have the situation with the Kandorians on Earth spiral downwards in Superman 683 (Feb. 09).


Superman comes to Alura to plead with her to turn over the Kandorians who had killed humans, but Alura has no intention of doing any such thing, with her husband dead at the hands of a human.  Supergirl tries to mediate between them, but Alura coldly insults her and questions her loyalties.


The situation has descended into open warfare.  We see three Green Lanterns, Power Girl, Black Lightning, the Guardian, Starfire and others battling against the Kandorians.


And as the issue ends, a squad of magical characters show up to join the fray.

The story continues in the next issue of Action Comics.

Superman 682 – proactive Kandorians


Things begin to go wrong with the Kandorians on Earth in the Robinson, Guedes and Magalhaes tale in Superman 682 (Jan. 09).


Bizarro has come to Earth as well, to pay his respects to Pa Kent, who he grew close to in the Escape from Bizarro World story arc the previous year.


Agent Liberty meets with the President and requests a leave of absence, to investigate the manipulations he believes are taking place with the Kandorians.


After the attack by Doomsday and murder of Zor-El by Reactron, the Kandorians decide to get rid of as many threats to Kryptonians as they can.  Commander Gor leads the group who go to take the Parasite.  They wind up in a fight with prison guards, and kill them to get the villain.


Jim Harper, the Guardian, gets called back to Action by Control, and joins the Science Police.


Atlas is back as well, but taking things quietly, having a coffee and mulling the situation.


Throughout the issue we see the Kandorians going after various Superman villains.  On the final page, we see that the Parasite, Bizarro, the Toyman, the Prankster and Silver Banshee have all been sent into the Phantom Zone.  Mon-El is none too pleased.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.