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Superman Annual 13 – Superman vs Arion, and a really good day


Busiek, Pacheco and Merino conclude the Arion storyline in Superman Annual 13.


Continuing from the end of Superman 667, the whirlpool the hero creates is enough to overcome the dome that Arion has created.  His impostor, still imprisoned, openly roots for Superman to defeat Arion.


Arion sends two sea monsters to fight Superman.  But as he battles them, he realizes that these are the two young New Gods who stayed behind, and have fallen prey to Arion.


While Arion himself transforms into a huge leviathan.


But Superman has been paying attention to the advice Phantom Stranger and Zatanna have been giving him.  He figures out that Arion is using the Atlantean tower as the focus of his spells, and destroys it.  With the tower gone, the spells vanish.  The New Gods return to their own form, and Superman captures Arion.


Of course, the one that Superman captures is the impostor, the real Arion heads back in time to the 1700s.  Not bad, nice art.  about on par with the rest of Busiek’s run.


Busiek joins with Fabian Nicienza, Renato Guedes and Jose Wilson Magalhaes for a really pleasant back-up story.  Superman and Supergirl bring Lois Lane, Ma and Pa Kent, Krypto and Chris Kent to a planet with low gravity, for an afternoon picnic.


This marks Chris Kent’s first appearance in this book, and it’s a fun little story.  And though all the characters have a great day, the Kents reflect that the best day of their lives was the day they found Clark.  Awww.


Adventures of Superman 638 – Mxyzptlk gives Lois and Clark a baby


Mxyzptlk makes another unwanted appearance (well, for the character, not unwanted by me) in Adventures of Superman 638 (May 2005), as he allows Lois and Clark to see their future as parents, by Rucka, Clark and Lanning.


It begins as Lois suggests to Clark that they have a child, her recent shooting having kicked off her biological clock.  Mxyzptlk pops up to show them a potential future, in which they have a daughter.


The Justice League make a cameo, celebrating the birth.  But boy does Black Canary stand out.  Mxyzptlk should probably pay her a visit.


The story spans a number of years, allowing us to see Lara Kent grow up and adopt a super-identity of her own.  Ma and Pa Kent appear as doting grandparents.


Lara winds up battling, and defeating, Lex Luthor in an armor that comprises of bits of the super-suit, Xlim’s outfit, Doomsday, Brainiac, Adam Strange and even Starro.

It’s an entertaining pause in the Ruin storyline, which continues next issue.



Adventures of Superman 608 – oodles of old villains


Overall I don’t care for the Ending Battle storyline, but I have to admit that the second chapter, which is in Adventures of Superman 608 (Nov. 02), is really very enjoyable.  Casey and Aucoin bring a whole host of old villains back, sending Superman hither and yon as he rushes to save the lives of many of his friends and acquaintances.


The big names are at the beginning and end of the issue.  The Atomic Skull blows up the Kents house, injuring Superboy as well, as he is living with them at this point. But Kon-El, as well as Ma and Pa Kent are all ok, if the worse for wear.


Quakemaster made a cameo in a Justice League America story about a decade earlier, but Casey did his background work, mentioning the fact that he was an architect before becoming a villain, a fact only related in his first appearance, in an issue of DC Special in the 70s.


The Hellgrammite is not so obscure, having appeared a few times in the Superman series in past years, but the Bug-Eyed Bandit was never a major player since the cancellation of the Atom’s series in the 60s.


Firefist is another bad guy who hasn’t been seen in years, one of the Blue Beetle’s enemies.


The Rat-Catcher shows up in Batman books from time to time, and is very creepy, even facing Superman.


And Hi-Tek is another Superman villain who never lived up to her potential.  King Shark goes after Jimmy Olsen as the chapter concludes.

Ending Battle continues in the next issue of Superman – The Man of Steel.



Adventures of Superman 560 – Superman’s brother helps out


Kesel, Ordway, Grummett and Rodier pull off another great Silver Age style story in Adventures of Superman 560 (Aug. 98), although this one bears more resemblance to a World’s Finest story.


The Toyman makes a cameo at the start of the tale, being carted off to prison, as Superman finds out that Lois Lane has started dating Batman.


Superman feels jealous, but before he can do anything about it, Jimmy Olsen finds a chunk of red kryptonite in his caramel corn.  Oh no!


The red kryptonite gives Superman a giant bulbous head, and he has to find a way to conceal this, so as not to reveal that he is Clark Kent.


Batman winds up helping out, impersonating Superman. But by this point Superman has had enough of his interference, and confronts him.  Batman is puzzled.  Why would Superman not want his help?  They are brothers, after all.


Batman reminds Superman how the Kents adopted both of them, and they grew up together.  The flashbacks have Lana Lang falling for both of them in high school, and Bruce Wayne adopting the Robin identity to save Superboy from Luthor.


The story gets even more bizarre when Jor-El and Lara show up, to take Superman back to a Krypton that never exploded.


As the issue ends, Batman is revealed to be the mysterious little girl, who in turn is revealed to be Kismet.  What is going on?

Some answers are given in the next issue of Action.

Adventures of Superman 535 – a present of Alpha Centurion


Lex Luthor and Contessa Erica del Portenza get engaged to open Adventures of Superman 535 (June 1996), by Kesel, Immonen and Marzan.


Erica has recruited the Alpha Centurion to lead her restructured Lexcorp “troops.”  The Centurion is now very popular with the public, improving the image of the company, this is her “gift” to Luthor.  Although he appears thankful, he spends the rest of the story setting up and executing a plan to mar the Centurion’s image.


Dana Dearden accompanies Jimmy to a banquet that is meant to be in Superman’s honour, although the hero does not show.  Dana is very unhappy that the Centurion takes Superman’s place.  And Jimmy is uncomfortable when Ron Troupe arrives with Lucy Lane as his date.


As the Centurion tries to deal with troops who go on the attack (because Luthor controls their armor), we also follow Superman with the Kents, rebuilding their house and getting their perspective on his current relationship problems with Lois.  Lois, for her part, has a similar discussion with Lori Lemaris.


The story ends with a stressed Cat Grant insisting that every news broadcast end with a story about Morgan Edge escaping prison, while Dana breaks up with Jimmy and quits her job.


Adventures of Superman 525 – Superman goes for coffee


Adventures of Superman 525 (July 1995) serves as an epilogue to the Death of Clark Kent storyline, by Kesel, Immonen and Marzan.


Hey, is that Hope and Mercy?  Nope.  Those two were yet to come, but the two high power women in this story are forerunners, coming to take possession of the barely-alive Lex Luthor.


Lois Lane has been trying to catch up with Superman and the Kents for a while now, but when she finally does, it’s st such speeds that there are police pursuing her.  It makes for one of the better sequences in the story arc.  Lois is so glad to finally reach them, and they to see that she is still alive, that the fact that Superman has to arrest her makes it hilarious.


Superman is still of the opinion that life will be better, and safer for his parents, if his Clark Kent identity stays dead.  Lois demands that he go, as Superman, into a restaurant to get a cup of coffee.  The reactions of all the people inside illustrate what Lois has been trying to tell him.  That he cannot have any element of normal, relaxing, life as Superman.  And so he decides to bring back Clark.



Adventures of Superman 523 – protecting the Kents


Adventures of Superman 523 (May 1995) is part of the Death of Clark Kent story arc, as Conduit has hitmen out to kill Ma and Pa Kent.


He utilizes Plasmus and Warp, from the Brotherhood of Evil, and Neutron, from the Fearsome Five.


Superman has to keep running interference as the villains do their best to kill his parents.  It’s ok. Best just for seeing these bad guys again.

The story continues in the next issue of Action