Batman 382 – Catwoman grabs the grenade


Batman 382 (April 1985) continues the Catwoman story begun in the previous issue of Detective, with a tale by Steve Mitchell, Hoberg and Rudy Nebres.


Both Batman and Catwoman catch up to Diablo, her pet panther, who has been menacing Vicki Vale and Julia Pennyworth, at roughly the same time.  The women inform Batman and Robin that Catwoman is only concerned with helping her animal, and is no danger to them.


The real villain in the story is a terrorist named Darkwolf, who was also the one torturing Diablo.  He hijacks an airplane during the story, and Catwoman gets on board disguised as a stewardess.  The story mentions that Selina Kyle had done this in the past, but it’s also an allusion to her origin from the 1940s.


And, in a sequence roughly mirroring that story, Selina winds up going out the door of the plane, grabbing a grenade from Darkwolf.  Batman tosses out a parachute, but the grenade explodes, and there is no sign of Selina Kyle.  Julia Pennyworth, still with the hots for Batman, notes how much he mourns her apparent death.



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