Batman 381 – Batman captured and unmasked on live tv


Moench, Hoberg and Alcala tie up a lot of the long running plot threads in Batman 381 (March 1985).


Robin finds the evidence he had been searching for, the stolen goods that Nocturna had been living off of.  He is tempted to turn her in, but instead uses it as leverage against her in the custody issue.


The Night Slayer, in the Batman costume, had been running around killing people.  Batman, in the Night Slayer outfit, lures Nocturna away, and then works with Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Bullock to set up both the Night Slayer and Hamilton Hill.  They capture “Batman,” and then the real Batman pulls the others mask off, revealing Anton Knight.  With the cameras still rolling, evidence comes out about Hill’s manipulations, and ordering the murder attempt on Harvey Bullock.  Both Hill and the Night Slayer get carted away.


A the iue end, Nocturna bring Jaon Todd back to the Batcave, turning the boy over to Alfred.

And the best thing I can say is, at least it’s all over.



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