Batman 179 – the Riddler’s compulsion


The Riddler is back again, in a story by Fox, Moldoff and Giella in Batman 179 (March 1966).


The Riddler escapes from prison, and leaves behind a riddle on how he managed to do it.  But he realizes that sending the riddles has been his downfall, and decides to commit crimes without sending clues first.  But hen he tries to do this, he finds he cannot steal.


Slowly, the Riddler trains himself to steal without ending clue.  But then weird clues do take place throughout Gotham.  They aren’t sent to Batman or Commissioner Gordon, but nevertheless provide clues to the Riddler’s thefts.


Thanks to the clues, Batman and Robin stop the Riddler.  To his dismay, the Riddler discovers that he was sending the riddling clues while sleepwalking.  He simply cannot overcome his compulsion.


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