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Superman 366 – Superman joins the Superman Revenge Squad, and Perry White gets the story


Superman heads out to join the Superman Revenge Squad in issue 366 (Dec. 81).  The Revenge Squad had been useful villains for nearly twenty years, but this was the first storyline to really delve into them, thanks to Bates, Swan and Chiaramonte.


Expecting that his plan to infiltrate the Revenge Squad, who he is sure was behind the manipulation of Supergirl in the previous issue, Superman begs off work as Clark Kent, to the dismay of both Morgan Edge and Perry White.


Supergirl plans to look after Earth while Superman is gone.  We see Linda on the set of Secret Hearts, the soap opera she was performing on at this time.


Superman makes use of the Metamorphosis Machine, introduced a few months earlier in the pages of DC Comics Presents, to change his form, concealing his identity, and then heads out to where the Revenge Squad hang out.


Since they always kill the members who fail to kill Superman, it’s not too hard to join the team, always in need of new members.  Superman still has to prove himself battle worthy, but they have a Superman android to practice against.

He makes it through the initiation, and becomes a member of the team dedicated to killing him.

The story continues in the next issue.


Rozakis, Schaffenberger and Chiaramonte conclude the In-Between Years story begun in the previous issue, as Perry White tries to prove to his editor, George Taylor, that Superboy has moved to Metropolis.  This is the first time we have seen George Taylor as editor of the Daily Planet before Perry White, though it is not clear if this is the same Earth-1 George Taylor who is the editor of the Daily Star in the Green Arrow series.


Two rival gangs are competing for turf in Metropolis, and Superboy tries to break up their negotiations.  Perry has been following the Smallville students at Metropolis University, so he winds up in the right place at the right time, but does not know that Clark is Superboy.


Perry gets his front page story, and Superboy even comes to the Daily Planet to meet Taylor.  After a period of mystery, the world now knows that Superboy has moved to Metropolis.