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Adventures of Superman 556 – the Millennium Guard get free, and Jimmy Olsen impresses Misa


Superman Red and Superman Blue each have their own stories in Adventures of Superman 556 (March 1998), although Karl Kesel is the scripter on both.


Grummett and Rodier are the art team on the first story, as Superman Red and the Guardian deal with the restored Millennium Guard, who have broken out of Cadmus. The older version of the Newsboy Legion cameo as well.


Much of the story consists of the battle Superman Red has with the Guard.  He does his best, but is completely outmatched.


Luthor discovers that the Contessa is back among the wakeful, having escaped from the hospital he was holding her at.


Ron Frenz and Josef Rubenstein are the team on the Superman Blue story.  He is with Jimmy Olsen and Misa, as they encounter a giant troublesome alien.  Misa is getting tired of always having to save Jimmy.


But as Superman Blue and the military fight with the giant, Jimmy figures out that it is really a child, looking to play.


He rides his cycle right up to the giant, and they play together until the creature is calm and can be subdued.  Misa is really impressed.  Superman Blue probably would be as well, except the Guardian lets him know about Superman Red’s unsuccessful battle with the Millennium Guard, and Blue flies off to help.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.

Adventures of Superman 553 – facing the Millennium Guard


Scorn gets the cover of Adventures of Superman 553 (Dec. 97), part of the Faces of the DC Universe covers.


The story continues from the last issue of Superman, as Kesel, Grummett and Rodier have Superman struggling against the three godlike members of the Millennium Guard.


Jimmy Olsen is still on the run for his life, having hooked up with Scorn and Ashbury Armstrong.  They are in the Wild Area, and run into Misa, who joins them, running interference with her bag of high tech tricks.


Superman and the Millennium Guard cross paths with Jimmy and his group, and together they lead the Guard members into Cadmus, where they get sealed into an energy-proof vault, returning to the “dragon’s tooth” forms they began as.  The Guardian expects to take Misa back to her parents, but she uses another device to teleport her, Jimmy, Scorn and Ashbury away.


Adventures of Superman 550 – Jimmy Olsen’s big broadcast, and the Guardian on the hunt


The cover of Adventures of Superman 550 (Sept. 97) is split in three, but the oversized issue itself is divided into two stories.


Kesel, Immonen and Marzan focus on Jimmy Olsen in the first story.  Cat Grant has allowed a huge promotion for Jimmy’s Superman special.  He has three guests scheduled: Collin Thornton, Clark Kent and Johnny Dakota, and intends to expose the one he has figured out is Superman.


But no one knows exactly what Jimmy has planned.  Perry White rages at Simone DeNeige for promoting Jimmy’s show on the front page of the Planet, instead of covering Lex Luthor’s trial.  But the issue does much the same thing, with very little time spent on Luthor.


Once Jimmy has Lois and Clark onstage, and the cameras are rolling, Jimmy announces his intention to reveal Superman’s secret identity.  Lois Lane is instantly enraged and storms off the set, but Clark stays around, and talks with Jimmy about the importance of Superman, the sacrifices he makes, and that his secrets are needed and deserve to be kept.


Abashed, Jimmy sacrifices his career and turns the show into a farce, saying that Superman has no secret identity, and he lives in a cave in the arctic, with a giant golden door key.  Cat has no choice but to fire him, and Jimmy agrees it has to be done.

The kicker comes as we discover that Jimmy Olsen believes Collin Thornton is Superman.


Kesel is joined by Grummett and Rodier for the Guardian solo story, as he hunts down Boss Moxie.


Moxie was prepared for him, and has a Dabney Donovan designed treat, the mob, which take down the Guardian.


Dabney plans to clone the Guardian, and has Anomaly there as muscle.  But the Guardian breaks free, and insists to Floyd Barstow that Cadmus can still help him, and he can still not follow the criminal path of the original Floyd.


The Guardian defeats Anomaly and heads back to Cadmus with him.  Boss Moxie and the other Intergang members watch Jimmy Olsen’s show, and decide that Jimmy lied on tv, and that he really does know who Superman is.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.


Adventures of Superman 543 – forming a new Superman Revenge Squad


The creation of the post-Crisis version of the Superman Revenge Squad is charted by Kesel, Immonen and Marzan in Adventures of Superman 543 (Feb. 97).


The story begins as Superman captures Riot, another of his more recent enemies.


Misa has been back in Cadmus, creating havoc.  The Guardian pursues her into the tunnels, and though he does not find her, Anomaly does.  He persuades her to come meet the man who recruited him.


At the Planet, Clark is surprised to run into Simone DeNeige, his old flame from his internship in Paris.  Simone is flirty, but evasive on why she is in Metropolis.


Barrage, who has been around in the Superman books for quite a while without ever coming close to succeeding at anything, joins the fledgling Revenge Squad, as do Riot and Maxima.

The story continues in the next issue of Action


Adventures of Superman 542 – Superman goes to Cadmus for help


Kesel and Marzan are joined by Paul Ryan for the story in Adventures of Superman 542 (Jan. 97).


With his powers still not working, Superman comes to Cadmus for help.  The issue is largely spent there, and gives us a chance to see the original and cloned Newsboy Legion as well as Angry Charlie all running rampant.  Floyd Barstow is frightened that he will become Anomaly with Superman around, and runs off to hide in the tunnels.


As the Guardian tries to find a way to recharge Superman, Misa returns to Cadmus, making the place even crazier than it already is.  But once she has had her fun, she leaves.  Cadmus is unable to find anything to reboot Superman’s powers, but are able to lend him the Whiz Wagon so that he can reach Emil Hamilton in the Fortress.


In the tunnels, Floyd Barstow is approached by a mysterious man who promises to help him.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.

Adventures of Superman 539 – an unhappy Anomaly


Cadmus is in focus in Adventures of Superman 539 (Oct.96), by Kesel, Ordway, Ron Lim and Klaus Janson.


Misa, the daughter of one of the Hairies created by Cadmus, breaks in to check the place out.  She had recently been introduced in the pages of Superman.  Floyd Barstow, the clone of a gangster from the 30s, tries to fight her off, but she flees.  Barstow had first appeared in a Jimmy Olsen story back during the Kirby run in the early 70s.


Although cloned from a killer, he has none of those impulses anymore, and has taken the Guardian’s place, tending to the Newsboy Legion clones.  But he finds his body altering out of his control.


He winds up taking on the attributes of whatever substance he touches, and goes into a violent rampage, facing off against Superman.  His personality undergoes a total change when he becomes Anomaly, but has only vague memories of what occurred when in that form.  He manages to get away from Superman, but is none too happy about what has happened.

Adventures of Superman 513 – the cure for the clone plague


The war between Lexcorp and Cadmus is at the centre of Adventures of Superman 513 (June 1994), as Kesel, Kitson and McCarthy find the cure for the clone plague.


Dubbillex and the Guardian are the only clones not affected, it seems because they were grown far more slowly than the others.  Things at Cadmus have gone haywire after the death of the director, Westfield, at the hands of Dabney Donovan.  But the source of the plague is found – fallout from the destruction of Engine City.  With that known, it is possible to create a cure, and the Guardian’s blood provides the key.  Superboy, with his accelerated healing factor, is the first clone saved. Luthor demands the Guardian be turned over, so his life can be saved, but Cadmus refuses.


Cadmus gets destroyed in an explosion at the end of the story, and Superman insists that no one survived.  But he is so casual about announcing that, that it is fairly obvious that the explosion is being used as a cover.  Pretend Cadmus was destroyed, in order that it may survive.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.

Adventures of Superman 511 – Superman is too powerful


Kesel and Kitson are joined by James Pascoe as Superman struggles with a power overload in Adventures of Superman 511 (April 1994).


Superman’s powers have continued to increase, to the point where using them at all has become extremely dangerous.  He tries to turn himself in to the SCU, but Maggie Sawyer refuses, insisting that he seek help. If not, she and her men will have to take him down for good.


The clone plague continues, affecting even Dabney Donovan’s DNAliens, showing that he is not the one responsible.


Emil Hamilton studies Superman, and determines that this power increase is a reaction to kryptonite, somehow altered.  The last time Superman was exposed was during the Reign of the Supermen, when the kryptonite passed through the Eradicator’s body, instantly recharging his powers.  Emil points out that the speed at which his powers returned was an indicator of the problem, just not perceived at the time.


The Underworlders, dying by the score, believe Cadmus is behind the plague, and go on the attack.  The Guardian, one of the few clones not affected, battles to defend Cadmus, but also wants to save the unfortunate creatures.


Donovan sends some more DNAliens to attack Lexcorp. Luthor, believing they are from Cadmus, publicly orders his men to attack the no-longer-secret facility.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.

Adventures of Superman 510 – Bizarro wants to save Lois, again and again and again


Kesel, Kitson, McCarthy and Jackson Guice share the second chapter in Bizarro’s World in Adventures of Superman 510 (March 1994), easily my favourite issue from the story arc.


Superman has been having problems with his powers since returning to Earth.  They have increased, to the point where he is barely able to control them.  The ones that require delicate use, like super-hearing, are all but useless.


This means that he finds it all but impossible to track down Lois Lane, after she has been kidnapped by Bizarro.  He has taken her to a warehouse, where he has constructed his own little world.  A world of dangerous perils, which he can save Lois from, over and over.


Also in this story arc, a plague has hit a number of clones.  The Newsboy Legion, as adults, look after their younger counterparts, who have been ailing.  But not all clones are affected, as the Guardian is fine.


Lois tries to learn what she can about Bizarro, as he asks her to write up his heroic actions.  When he tries to recall his origin, he muddles it with that of Superman, but the involvement of Lex Luthor Jr. does emerge.


And as for Lex, his body is getting ravaged by the plague as well.


Lois manages to climb out and onto the roof of the warehouse, distracting Bizarro by knocking his version of the Daily Planet globe onto him.


And as the story ends, Cat Grant announces on live tv the suit that she and other women at GBS have brought against Vinnie Edge for sexual harassment, which results in him being arrested.

Bizarro’s World continues in the next issue of Action.

Adventures of Superman 506 – the secrets of Superboy’s creation


Superboy and Superman almost fight in Adventures of Superman 506 (Nov. 93), but Kesel, Grummett and Hazelwood avoid the promise of the cover image.


Superboy fights off DNAliens he believes were sent by Cadmus.  Superman shows up to help, but Superboy is resentful Superboy is none too pleased to have Superman around, particularly as the hero talks down to the boy.  Superman discovers that Superboy has been living in Clark Kent’s old apartment.


When the Guardian shows up, with orders to bring Superboy back to Cadmus, Superboy refuses to go.  Superman agrees with the Guardian, and things almost get violent.  But Superman insists that they will just get some answers about how Superboy was cloned, and he will ensure that Cadmus will not be able to keep him.


Dubbliex explains the origin of Superboy. It turns out that Superboy was only a partial clone, that there was no way to duplicate Kryptonian DNA, so it was blended with that of a human – although the identity of his human donor is not revealed.  Superboy’s tactile telekinesis is also explained, and how it functions to allow him to fly.


With Superman having proven as good as his word, Superboy decides to return the favour, and give him the rights to the name, which he and Rex Leach had copyrighted.  Rex is reluctant to do so, but Roxy is the actual CEO, and more inclined to be helpful.

Superboy shortly spins out into his own book, bringing Rex and Roxy with him, as well as the artistic team from this book.


The final page introduces the new Bloodsport, setting up the next issue.