Batman 397 – Two-Face meets Circe


A very good Two-Face cover on Batman 397 (July 986), as Moench and Mandrake continue thhe Two-Face tale begun in the previous issue of Detective, which has the villain encounter Circe, Black Mask’s former girlfriend, after escaping from prison.


Catwoman is the first to track down Circe, who is now working in a strip club.  She keeps her scarred face concealed behind a mask, which simply entices the men even more.  Catwoman seems far more shocked about this than she ought to, considering her own costume and background.


Tensions have not disappeared between Catwoman and Robin, despite their working together in the previous storyline, and the boy resents finding her curled up in the Batmobile.  All three are working on the Two-Face case, though to keep harmony, Catwoman is pursuing her own investigation, rather than working alongside Batman and Robin.


Still, this story does sort of plod along.  Two-Face is using computers to help plan his crimes, but insists on having two, and using his coin toss to determine which one to follow.


There are some good moments, but overall this story spends a bit too much time working towards the Two-Face/Circe stuff, considering that it’s clear that this is the direction the story is going in.

Thee story continues in the next issue of Detective.



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