Batman 396 – Film Freak goes King Kong


Moench and Mandrake continue with the Film Freak’s introduction in Batman 396 (June 1986).


Batman and Catwoman had been working separately on the case from Robin and Harvey Bullock, but Commissioner Gordon brings them all together to share their information on Burt Weston, and his actions as Film Freak.


Batman realizes that his crimes has been making references to Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much, and just in time he figures out that a bomb was meant to go off just as an explosion took place in the premiere of a new movie, called Boom.  The director is none too thrilled to have his movie cut off at the big scene, but overall this entire sequence plays the suspense very well, and in a true Hitchcock fashion.


Film Freak manages to grab Julia Pennyworth again, while dressed up as a giant ape, so that he can do a King Kong thing – but the Film Freak gets caught.  Was he seriously planning to plummet to his death?

Catwoman and Robin decide to put aside their differences and work together, which makes Batman happy.

Film Freak returns in a couple of issues.


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