Batman 395 – Film Freak debuts


The last villain to be introduced before the post-Crisis reboot of Batman was the Film Freak, in Batman 395 (May 1986).


Burt Weston, named in honour of the star of the 60s tv series, is a failed actor gone mad, who acts out scenes from movies he really loves.  In this introductory story, Moench and Mandrake play out a mystery, as various characters work to figure out the bald man’s identity.

Vicki Vale get photographs of the maniac, and Julia Pennyworth dubs him the Film Freak in her article.


While Batman is teamed with Catwoman, Robin becomes, effectively, partners with Harvey Bullock.


Bot Vicki Vale and Julia Pennyworth display a shocking lack of knowledge about motion pictures, when Julia receives a note from the Film Freak.  He is none too happy about the second part of the monicker she gave him, and signs his note Norman Bates.  Neither woman gets the reference.


Vicki does, eventually, find another person on the paper who is not an idiot, and tells her that Norma Bates was the killer in Psycho.  But by that time, Julia has already headed for the shower…

The story continues in the next issue of Detective.


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