Batman 391 – Batman vs Nocturna vs Catwoman vs Robin vs the Night Slayer


Moench and Mandrake bring the big Batman soap opera to a close in issue 391 (Jan. 86), which sees the Crisis on Infinite Earths causing massive storms and earthquakes, just because there wasn’t enough huge drama in this plotline already.


It almost feels redundant to chart out who is attacking who, when all the characters are busy trying to kill each other.


Even Catwoman, recovering from being hit by lightning, fights her way out of the hospital to be there for the grand finale.


Robin sees the Night Slayer stab Nocturna, and even for the reader it is kind of hard to tell if Nocturna really wants to die in this scene, or if it’s a ploy to draw the guy close enough for her to kill him.


Boom!  Crash!  Destruction!  Tormented love!


Nocturna and the Night Slayer are both apparently dead at the end of this tale, and it’s safe to say their pre-Crisis versions are.  A different Nocturna was introduced a couple of years ago in the Batwoman comic.

While Batman and Catwoman are now a couple, if only because he has lost all his other women – for the moment.


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