Batman 390 – Catwoman vs Nocturna


Took a day off, but the next comics to write about didn’t change.  Ah well.  Moench and Mandrake continue that Batman soap opera in issue 390 (Dec. 85).


Batman and Nocturna are making out, even though she admits being a thief.  The whole scene is so typical for this hero.  Oh, you’re so hot, I want you, but you are a criminal, and I must restrain myself.  kiss kiss kiss.


While Batman is swooning with love, Catwoman is busy tracking down the remaining False Face Society members, and discovers that Nocturna is now leading them.  She tries to follow her rival, but Nocturna has a balloon, which makes it very difficult.


And while Catwoman is fighting crime, what is Batman doing?  Hanging around outside Vicki Vale’s apartment and watching her make out with a different guy.


Catwoman does catch up with Nocturna, but Robin is already there to defend his “mother,” and the three get into a big fight.


Batman finally shows up, just in time to see Catwoman get hit by lightning.  This makes Batman realize that Catwoman is the one he truly loves, because of course.

The melodrama continues in the next issue of Detective.



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