Batman 389 – Nocturna returns


Batman 389 begins a multi-part story that loosely ties in with Crisis on Infinite Earths, as there happens to be red skies over Gotham.  Moench and Mandrake have both done far better work than this issue.


Nocturna is back, and heads to her old observatory, finding it occupied by squatters, who she quickly disposes of.


Clearly really into Vicki Vale’s new workout body, Bruce Wayne drops by to suggest resuming their relationship – but this time, Vicki wants nothing to do with him.


So he changes clothes and starts cruising the streets as Batman, until he finds Catwoman.  He picks her up, and brings her back to his cave, showing off a cat shaped stalagmite as a come on.  Such a classy guy, that Batman.


Meanwhile, Robin has learned that Nocturna is back, and has come to the observatory looking for her – but so has the Night Slayer.  There is also a subplot about a night watchman she has entranced, and the man’s worried wife, who meets with Harvey Bullock.

The story continues in the next issue of Detective.

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