Batman 388 – Captain Boomerang vs Mirror Master in Gotham


Moench and Mandrake kick off a really entertaining story, in which the Flash’s enemies Captain Boomerang and Mirror Master both come to Gotham City, now that their main opponent is gone, in Batman 388 (Oct. 85).


They run into each other as both come to rob a museum, and while they share the same motivation, neither is pleased to see the other.


Captain Boomerang claims that he also wants revenge against Batman, after his previous fight with him, detailed in these pages a few years earlier.  But when Batman shows up, both villains flee, with Boomerang destroying a dinosaur skeleton to delay Batman.


Batman shows Robin his files on Mirror Master and Captain Boomerang, which recaps the origins of both villains.  While the story makes it clear that this is Sam Scudder, later continuity would keep this tale but replace the deceased Flash villain with his successor, who was passing himself off as Scudder.


There’s a tedious scene as Julia discusses writing a book about Roman Sionis, wanting Bruce’s input, as a way to get close to him.  Bruce barely pays attention, his thoughts now on Vicki Vale since seeing her hot new bod in the previous issue.  But even he later refers to this scene as a soap opera.


Mirror Master comes off pretty impressively, using hypnotic lenses to take control of the remaining members of the False Face Society and send them after Boomerang, as well as making Harvey Bullock drive him around, as Harvey sees Mirror Master as Robin.  But Boomerang finds his rival’s room, and his trick mirrors.


The issue ends as Captain Boomerang turns the tables on Mirror Master, using his own mirrors to hypnotize him into acting for Boomerang.

The story concludes in the next issue of Detective.


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