Batman 377 – Nocturna rejects the Night Slayer


Nocturna becomes a major player in the next year of Batman comics, beginning with the Moench, Newton and Alcala tale in Batman 377 (Nov. 84).


Natalia Knight has petitioned the courts for custody of Jason Todd, and Bruce Wayne does a really horrible job of trying to argue against this, looking like a raging lunatic despite Lucius Fox’s best efforts.


But Nocturna is not at all pleased when Anton Knight reveals to her that he has killed Hellstrom, out of love for her.  And has also changed his name from the Thief of Night to the Night Slayer.


Nocturna puts the moves on Batman, who is seduced by her drugged scent – and possibly by her as well.  The Night Slayer is hovering around, and when he sees Batman and Nocturna go at it, he attacks.


The battle between Batman and the Night Slayer gets cut short when Anton gets shot by Nocturna.  He flees, and Nocturna tends to Batman’s wounds.

The story continues in the next issue of Detective.


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