Batman 376 – Bruce does not appreciate pranks


Batman 376 (Oct. 84) was an issue I had considered skipping over, but the villain of the story, Hellstrom, is important in the larger scheme of things.


The story also sees Jason Todd now living in a group home, and very unhappy about it, as are Bruce and Alfred.


Hellstrom has been pulling deadly pranks in Gotham, and Batman is far from amused.  Harvey Bullock helps Batman check on the man’s past, and he does have criminal record, which includes burglary.


When Hellstrom tries to pull his games at a society party, attended by Bruce Wayne, as well as Vicki Vale and Julia Remarque, Bruce publicly humiliates the man.


Changing costume, he then goes after Hellstrom as Batman, although in this case the bad guy gets away.  Batman realizes that the romantic issues and stresses about Jason are having a negative impact on him.


As the story ends, we see that Hellstrom has been a pawn of Nocturna, which leads into the next issue of Detective.


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