Batman 375 – Gotham under ice


Mr. Freeze is back in Batman 375 (Sept. 84), with his biggest plans to date.


Newton and Alcala provide some excellent art on Moench’s story, as the villain tries to freeze the entire city of Gotham.


Mr. Freeze recaps his own origin to his men in this story, and how he changed his name from Mr. Zero.  This is the early origin, which has nothing to do with any sick wife.


He creates a large glacier, which draws not only Batman and Robin, but also Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Bullock, and Vicki Vale and Julia Remarque as well.  But this is also the night a representative from child welfare comes to the house, and only Alfred is home.  He tries to cover Bruce and Jason’s absence, but the woman is infuriated when she catches him in a lie, and decides that Jason Todd must be removed from the home.


Having both women in the story helps emphasize that, while Vicki Vale is interested in Bruce Wayne, Julia only has eyes for Batman.  Robin find this all very amusing, until Alfred informs him of the child welfare decision.

Mr. Freeze get no further with his plan than the first ice cap, and will not be seen again for a couple of years, until Batman 400.


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