Batman 369 – Deadshot in Montreal


Alfred and his daughter Julia find their subplot taking centre stage in the story by Moench, Newton and Alcala in Batman 369 (March 1984).


Alfred and Julia Remarque are in Montreal, tracking down leads on the death of Jacques Remarque, the man who raised Julia after the death of her mother, Mademoiselle Marie, the French resistance fighter.  Julia believes that Jacques was murdered, and when someone starts shooting at them, it looks like she was right.


Other continuing plot thread are pushed to the side for this story, which is largely a battle between Deadshot, who has been hired to kill Alfred and Julia, and Batman, who ha followed them to Montreal.  Alfred and Julia uncover information that Jacques was hunting for stolen Nazi art.  Julia believes that whoever is after them (unlike the reader, she has not seen Deadshot) also killed Jacques, and arms herself, intending to kill him.


The art is beautiful, and the story is tense and gripping.  Deadshot’s origin is retold by Batman, but the character shows a bit more self-doubt than usual.

Deadshot had last appeared in the Boss Thorne story a couple of years ago.


The story has a great cliffhanger, as Deadshot informs them that he was hired to kill them by the supposedly dead Jacques.

The story concludes in the net issue of Detective.


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