Batman 368 – passing on the mantle


Jason Todd officially becomes Robin in Batman 368 (Feb. 84), in a story by Moench, Newton and Alcala.


And who should return as the villain of the story but Crazy Quilt?  This old foe of the original Robin, last seen in these pages in 1979.  He has received surgery to restore his vision, using his new helmet, and in gratitude kills the doctor.


Dick Grayson comes by the Batcave, and presents his old Robin outfit to Jason Todd. This corresponds to events in the pages of New Teen Titans, and his adoption of the Nightwing identity.  Bruce thanks Dick for his generosity, and also talks with Jason about the pros and cons of being a legacy hero.


The cons become readily apparent by the end of the issue, as Crazy Quilt attacks Jason, believing him to be the same Robin he had faced many times before.

The story continues in the next issue of Detective.


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