Batman 367 – Poison Ivy’s garden


Poison Ivy returns after an absence of a couple of years, in a story by Moench, Newton and Alcala with a great cover, in Batman 367 (Jan. 84).


Jason Todd adopt a costume derived from his circus outfit, similar to the classic Robin suit.  But Batman has not decided what Todd’s codename should be.


Weird green algae appears in Gotham, coming to life as a sort of swamp creature.  Poison Ivy is behind this, although in these days she still needs a scientist working for her to create her human-like plant life.


Commissioner Gordon is back on the job, with a regretful Harvey Bullock now hovering around him, trying to help.  And Vicki Vale is back on the job as well, but taking out her anger at Bruce Wayne on her staff.


Ivy has created Exotica, a lush garden where she offers to remove the stresses of high level executives.  But we see that they wind up intoxicated by her plants, and though her degree of control over the men is not obvious, clearly by the time they leave they are under her spell, even if they do not realize it.


Batman and Jason Todd put a quick end to all this, setting fire to the place and destroying her plants.  And though Batman does not notice it, Jason points out in that in the heat of battle, Batman called him Robin.



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