Batman 366 – the revolutionary Joker


The Joker’s Central American adventure concludes in Batman 366 (Dec. 83), in a story by Moench, Newton and Alcala.


There is some great art on this tale, but overall the Joker seems a bit out of place in this story, which touches lightly on the actual issues going on in the region at the time.  At least both of the warring sides come to the realization that the Joker is a threat to everyone, and join forces against him.


Back in Gotham, Julia Remarque has shown up, having finally learned what everyone else figured out ages ago, that Alfred is her real father. Introduced a couple of years earlier in Detective Comics, this marks Julia’s first appearance in Batman.


Batman and the Joker have a great fight amidst some ancient ruins, and both are quite surprised when Robin suddenly show up to join the battle, taking the Joker out.


Thanks to some hair dye, Jason has succeeded in passing himself off as the original Robin, and Vicki is happy to think this, taking some pictures of the dynamic duo.  Batman, on the other hand, is offended that Jason would adopt Dick’s identity.



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