Batman 365 – Vicki Vale in Guatemala


Vicki Vale heads to Central American to get away from Bruce Wayne and winds up enmeshed in a revolution in Batman 365 (Nov. 83).


It may not have been the wisest place to go, but at least Moench, Newton and Alcala give Vicki a real photojournalist’s career in this story, rather than having her constantly go after Batman’s identity.


Harvey Bullock goes to check on the comatose Commissioner Gordon.  He is consumed with guilt, and we learn that his prank was at the order of Hamilton Hill.  But he keeps that news to himself.  Barbara Gordon learns about her father’s state, and contacts Bruce Wayne, who comes to the hospital with Jason Todd in tow.  There, they hear about Vicki’s trip to Guatemala, and the fact that she has gone missing.

Jason pleads to be allowed to accompany Batman as he heads south, but though Batman had agreed to allow Jason to be his partner, he deems this too dangerous, and goes on his own.


Probably a good idea, as Batman finds that Vicki has fallen into the hands of the one funding the revolution, the Joker.

The story continues in the next issue of Detective.


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