Batman 364 – Commissioner Gordon has a heart attack


A great cover for Batman 364 (Oct. 83).  Wish the Chimera had been a more interesting villain.  The issue is by Moench, Newton and Alcala.


The Chimera, a master of disguise, has been robbing the circus that Waldo Flynn now works at, and Jason Todd has run off to join. Alfred tracks the boy there, and tries to persuade him to come home.  Jason refuses, but does not tell Alfred that his main reason for being there is to solve the circus robberies, and prove himself to Batman.


Batman is also on the trail of the Chimera.  They meet and fight, but the bad guy gets away, and winds up kidnapping Jason towards the end of the issue.


Vicki Vale has a jealous fit, and throws Bruce’s picture at the wall, but the most important scene in the story has Harvey Bullock playing a sick prank on Commissioner Gordon, which winds up giving him a heart attack.  Harvey discovers what has happened almost immediately, and contacts an ambulance.

The story continues in the next issue.


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