Batman 361 – Man-Bat wants a son


Continuing from the previous issue of Detective Comics, Man-Bat holds Jason Todd captive in Batman 361 (July 1983), by Moench, Newton and Marcos.


Man-Bat has, once again, lost his grasp on reality, and believes his daughter Rebecca to be dead.  She isn’t.  She’s fine.  But as he feels that Batman has taken his child, he takes Batman’s.  Man-Bat intends to inject Jason Todd with the serum to turn him into a bat creature like himself.


Batman visits with France Langstrom, gets the lowdown on what drove Kirk over the edge this time around, and then comes to confront him in the museum.  It appears that he has brought Francine and Rebecca with him, to talk Man-Bat back into sanity.


In fact, these are just blown up photos, and the voices have been recorded.  A lot better than using the live child as bait, as he did a couple years earlier.  Jason also proves to be a bit of use, and insists that this means he is ready to be Robin, although Bruce disagrees.


As the issue ends, Harvey Bullock, introduced the previous month in Detective Comics, comes to see Commissioner Gordon.  Gordon had fired Bullock from the force years earlier, and is not pleased to see him back.  When he finds out that Hamilton Hill had Bullock re-instated, he realizes it was done solely to plague him.

Man-Bat next appears in the Blue Devil annual in 1985.


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