Batman 359 – the origin of Croc


Sure looks like there will be a lot of well known villains in Batman 359 (May 1983), doesn’t it?  Well, there aren’t.  This cover would have been far more appropriate for the issue of Detective Comics that immediately follows this story.  Gerry Conway is joined by Dan Jurgens and Dick Giordano.


Croc begins this issue thinking that he had killed Batman in their battle in the last issue of Detective, so he is quite surprised when Batman shows up alive and well, and they have to fight again.  And it’s a draw, as Croc manages to get away.


Batman is none to happy about this, but he takes out hi frustrations on Dick, who is worried about the danger the Todds have placed themselves in.  Bruce goes into a very uncharacteristic rage, complaining about how normal people demand so much of him, but refuse to do anything themselves.  Even Alfred is shocked.


Commissioner Gordon fills Batman in on the life of Waylon Jones, who has come to be known as Killer Croc.  Born with a severe skin problem, he was picked on and abused, and then, when he tried to fight back, beaten by the police and tossed into a reform school.  His life has consisted of incarceration and attacks, and as he grew stronger, he also grew angrier and more bitter.


The issue ends as Robin heads to the circus, finding Jason Todd and Waldo Flynn, but not Jason’s parents.  They saw Croc’s men, and tailed them, but wind up Croc’s prey.

The story concludes in the next issue of Detective.


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