Batman 358 – Killer Croc makes his play


A great cover for Batman 358 (April 1983), but Conway’s story has art by Curt Swan and Rodin Rodriguez, and Swan’s work just seems odd on this tale.


That’s doubly unfortunate, a this is the first issue to show Croc clearly.  He had killed the Squid in the previous issue of Detective, and now makes his play to be the major gang boss in Gotham.


Dick Grayson tells Bruce and Alfred about Trina Todd, Jason’s mother, seeing him without his Robin mask on, and deducing that Bruce Wayne is Batman.  Bruce is not happy about this at all, and blames Dick for the entire thing.  On the other hand, Dick informs him that the Todds are keeping an eye out for Croc, who has been running a protection scam with the circus.


Croc gets some action, but I cannot say I like the way Swan renders his skin, not at all.


Batman find Croc’s home, and waits for him there.  Croc is furious to find Batman in his house, and the two fight.  Croc destroys his own home, and takes off into the river, plotting his revenge on Batman.

The story continues in the next issue of Detective.


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