Batman 357 – Jason Todd debuts


The saga of Croc and the Squid, which will see Jason Todd become the new Robin, began in the previous issue of Detective Comics, and continues in Batman 357 (March 1983), as Conway, Newton and Alcala debut Jason Todd and his family.


In the vacuum created by Boss Thorne’s incarceration, the Squid makes his moves to become the new big crime boss of Gotham.


In what feels like a completely unrelated plot line, Waldo Flynn brings Dick Grayson to the new circus he is performing at.  But we see that Croc, still largely concealed in a trenchcoat and hat, also has an interest in the place.


Jason Todd only has a very small role in this tale, a Dick watches the boy perform with his parents, and feels an ominous sense of foreboding.


Batman has been busy tracking the Squid, but falls into the villain’s hands. The Squid tosses Batman into a squid tank, how appropriate, as the issue ends.

The story continues in the next issue of Detective.


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