Batman 355 – Catwoman’s jealous rage


Perhaps the weirdest Batman/Catwoman romance story, Batman 355 (Jan. 83) is by Conway, Newton and Alcala.


Following on her phone call to Vicki Vale in the previous issue, Catwoman, now with a big panther as a pet, has fallen into a psychotically jealous rage about Bruce Wayne dating the photographer.


So she does the only natural thing, tries to kill Bruce and Vicki, sending their car into a river, and even dives down to try to ensure that they are dead.  Bruce fights her off and saves Vicki’s life.


Dick offers to help out on this, as Batman is still recovering from being shot last issue, but Bruce will not listen to the boy or to Alfred, insisting that Selina is his responsibility. He does find her lair, and the panther, who is in a really nasty mood, as he has been left without food for days.


The most uplifting moment in the book sees Barbara Gordon and Jason Bard accompany Jim Gordon to the mayor’s office, where Hamilton Hill fulfills his promise to Batman, making Gordon the police commissioner again.


Catwoman has been sitting for days, waiting to attack Batman (the reason she neglected her panther).  When he finally shows up, she does all she can to kill him, but then backs down.  After two murder attempts, and starving her pet, Batman interprets this as an indication of how much she really loves him (?!)  And so he decides that he has a responsibility for her now.

Like, WHAT?  Their relationship has its kinky moments, but this story makes them both totally insane.


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