Batman 353 – carving Mount Joker


A month after a less than impressive team-up with Batman in the Brave the Bold, the Joker is back for a far more entertaining little tale by Conway, Garcia-Lopez and Dan Adkins in Batman 353 (Nov. 82).


The art is great, and the Joker is at his manic best, killing off his own gang members for laughs.


The Boss Thorne subplot gets advanced as well, as Batman tricks Arthur Reeves into confessing that he got the faked photos from Thorne, with both Robin and Commissioner Gordon as witnesses.


Then it’s on to the main story, as the Joker captures Batman, making him watch as he has a rocky island off the coast of Gotham carved with his face, a la Mount Rushmore.


The Joker pretty much counted on being caught, but figured his creation would remain to mock Batman – except that Batman has it shattered to bits.

The Joker returns in a few months in the Detective Comics story that introduces Jason Todd as Robin.


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