Batman 350 – vampires attack, and Catwoman wakes with blood on her hands


The vampire storyline come to the fore in Batman 350 (Aug. 82), by Conway, Levitz, Colan and DeZuniga.


The choice of artists is a good one for this plot, which is very loosely based on the Monk storyline from Batman’s earliest tales in Detective Comics.  Robin becomes a victim of Dala, and is then released, now a slave of the vampires.


Vicki Vale has a small role, toying with Bruce, and still fully prepared to expose him as Batman.  Really hard to like this woman.


Robin’s strange behaviour attracts Batman’s notice, but that’s all part of the vampire’s plan, bringing Batman to them.  The story ends as he gets attacked by them as well, and continues in the next issue of Detective.


The last Catwoman storyline begins in this issue, by Jones and DeZuniga, as Selina Kyle wakes up and finds blood on herself, and a dead body in her living room. Even for Catwoman, this is odd and excessive.


So once again Catwoman is forced to play detective. And while it’s a decent little mystery story, with a tense cliffhanger, at no point in these tales is Catwoman anything other than a straight out heroine.  Indeed, only the very first storyline even referenced her life a thief.


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