Batman 349 – Robin gets scared, and Catwoman figures it out


Alfredo Alcala joins Conway and Colan for Batman 349 (July 1982), as Robin’s plotline takes a dark and supernatural turn.


Robin has been captured by Dala and her mysterious master, who are now aware that he is also Dick Grayson.


Robin admits to himself that he has never been so scared as he is in this situation.  And yet, at the moment nothing exceptionally bad has happened to him.  But it will.

Alfred has a meeting with Christopher Chance, the Human Target, set up the previous month in Detective Comics.  He hires Chris to impersonate Bruce Wayne, without divulging any reason why – although the reader knows this is to try to convince Vicki Vale that she is wrong in suspecting Bruce is Batman.  Luigi, the only supporting character in the Human Target strip, has a cameo here as well.


Barbara Gordon arranges for Jason Bard to meet with her father, and conveniently Gordon gets infuriated by the actions of the new police commissioner, so is more than happy to join with Jason, and his detective agency.


The story ends as Robin finds out just how right he was to be scared, as Dala and her master are revealed as vampires, and he gets attacked.

The Robin plotline continues in the next issue.


Jones, Von Eeden and Mahlstedt conclude the Catwoman mystery, about the murders surrounding the election of a union boss, in a story that is much better for the visuals than for the storytelling.


It’s not too hard to figure out who is really behind it, due to the small number of characters.  And there is a bit too much plot for the brief page count.  As a result, we barely get to see Catwoman in action, mostly just playing detective.


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