Batman 346 – lots of disappointed people, and what Catwoman’s dad did in the war


Two-Face is back, a couple of months after his last appearance, in World’s Finest Comics, in Batman 346 (April 1982), in a story by Conway, Newton and Chiaramonte.


Two-Face escapes from prison to the mystification of two guards, who cannot figure out how he vanished right in front of them, but Batman figures out he had hypnotized them with a special coin.


Barbara Gordon spends some time consoling her father after Gordon is forced to resign a Commissioner by Hamilton Hill.


Batman has decided that being Bruce Wayne is getting in the way of his activities, and has placed Lucius Fox in control of the Wayne Foundation.  Lucius is dismayed to see Bruce now acting like a worthless playboy.


Dick Grayson is having a bad day as well, as Dala has dumped him, and is now avoiding him.  This makes Dick curious about who Dala is spending her time with, which is exactly what she intended.


And Vicki Vale is none too happy either, when Bruce gets rid of her in the middle of a date, after something she says sparks his Batman brain.  But then, Vicki just takes the whole thing as further proof that Bruce is really Batman.


Batman figures out where Two-Face is hiding out, but falls for a double when he arrives.


As the story ends, Boss Thorne meets with Hamilton Hill, and introduces him to the new Police Commissioner, a man completely in Boss Thorne’s pocket.

The story continues in the next issue of Detective.


Jones, Von Eeden and Marcos conclude the Catwoman story from last issue, as she finds herself a captive of Nazis.


The disappearing trains were done in a pretty cool way, but the entire thing was done to lure her into a trap.  The government agent who approached her is the son of a Nazi killed by Catwoman’s father during the war, and he has been setting all this up to get revenge.


His death trap is somehat old-fashioned, having her run over by a train.  Catwoman escapes, and it’s the Nazi who winds up getting crushed instead.


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