Batman 344 – Poison Ivy’s hybrid


Conway, Colan and Janson conclude the Poison Ivy plot line in Batman 344 (Feb. 82).


Ivy’s plan include more than just taking over the Wayne Foundation, as she informs Big Jack Johnson, a major gang leader, that she intends to take over his organization as well.  When he does not agree, Poison Ivy simply kills him and his men.


Ivy does succeed in taking control of the Wayne assets.  Unable to stop her directly, Batman plays some psychological warfare on her, following her everywhere, just standing and staring at her.


Vicki Vale returns to Gotham City, to Bruce Wayne’s surprise.  She had cameo’d the previous month in Detective Comics, but her last appearance, contrary to the editor’s note, was actually in an issue of Batman Family four or five years earlier.


Arthur Reeves holds a press conference, showing off his evidence that Batman is really Big Jack Johnson, the gang leader we saw go out the window earlier in the issue.


Batman goes to confront Ivy in her hothouse, and finds out that she has been creating hybrids of plant and human, using her own men as subjects.  She has transformed Ivor into a monstrous slave, and sends him after Batman.


Batman has a really difficult time facing Ivor, but to his luck, Robin has come back to town.  He swings in, attacking Ivy, who loses her control over Ivor, making him far easier for Batman to defeat.  Once she has been taken down, Batman is able to force her to reveal her manipulations with the Wayne Foundation, and her work gets undone.


And news reporter Olivia Ortega receives a package from a mysterious source, showing how Arthur Reeves photos were faked, which she airs that night on the news, effectively demolishing his political career.

Poison Ivy is back in these pages in a couple of years.


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